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DSEI 17 –  TYR Tactical Combat Adjustable Rifle Double Stack Mag Pouch

Based on a user requirement, TYR Tactical took their popular Combat Adjustable Rifle Mag Pouch and created a double stack variant. Like its thinner predecessor, it’s made from PV, accepts two 5.56 or 7.62 magazines and is adjustable via a bungee.



3 Responses to “DSEI 17 –  TYR Tactical Combat Adjustable Rifle Double Stack Mag Pouch”

  1. lcpl1066 says:

    Can anyone compare these to tacos?

    • I have both. I’d say the overall construction quality is higher with Tyr, also generally higher level of retention with the non-slip material inside. Overall function I found to be similar as you might expect.

      • mike says:

        The TYR model also has standard basic MOLLE fastening instead of the aptly named MALICE clips the HSGI forces on you.

        MALICE clips are awful and using them with the webbing on Tacos is insult to injury.