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AUSA 17 – NoizeBarrier by OTTO Engineering

OTTO’s NoizeBarrier consists of in ear plugs and a case which doubles duty as a charger. The plugs offer increased situational awareness by digitally lowering ambient noise up to 15 dB in high noise environments, with up to 40 dB protection from high impulse noise. Additionally, in enhanced hearing mode, they amplify low noise up to 5 x.

While it may take 12 hours to charge the waterproof case from shore power, it offers 15-30 recharges of the ear pieces. Each of those charges will last up to 16 hours.



7 Responses to “AUSA 17 – NoizeBarrier by OTTO Engineering”

  1. d says:

    Didn’t Peltor already do this?

  2. joe says:

    There are at least 5 different types of these on Amazon right now, usually around $300-$400. The market doesn’t need another $300 pair, it needs a $75 pair to sell at Wal-Mart and the first one to do it will reap a windfall.

    Don’t tell me it can’t be done when you have decent hearing aids on Amazon for $75. Same dam hardware, different software.

    I think electronic hearing protection is a better solution than suppressors for all, there’s more noise on the battlefield than just your own gunfire and comms and be integrated to boot.

  3. miclo18d says:

    Good to see a product like this and a few others. I always had problems with the ear muffs. Though I liked how comms went thru them, when you have to wear them for 10 hours on a mission, they feel like a vice on your head. When traveling I just wore baffled ear plugs and my comm set over the top of them, that was 10 years ago, so I know there have been a lot of changes.

  4. Redbeard says:

    I find that I need to wear regular earpro over these when there’s a muzzle brake nearby or with louder weapons.