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GoFundMe Fundraiser To Honor Captain Alexi Whitney, USMC


Steven Arango started a GoFundMe page to fund a bust to honor Captain George “Alexi” Whitney, USMC. Captain Whitney graduated from Bates College, cum laude, and then served in the 3rd Marine Reconnaissance Battalion in Anbar, Iraq in 2005. He later joined the CIA, continuing his service. In December 2016, Captain Whitney was killed in action while serving in the CIA during an operation in Afghanistan.

The bust would be created by Colonel Lee Busby, USMC (Ret.), who has sculpted numerous service members who have been killed in action in Afghanistan and Iraq. His work can be seen in the following video.

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One Response to “GoFundMe Fundraiser To Honor Captain Alexi Whitney, USMC”

  1. steven arango says:

    Thank you so much Soldier Systems Daily for posting this project! This endeavor started from reading a NY Times article and learning about Captain Whitney. After learning about him, I knew he had to be honored. Sadly, the school has been against honoring Captain Whitney with a bust. We have gained incredible support from alumni from Bates College, especially the veteran alumni. Bates currently has no memorials on campus honoring veterans and for a distinguished alumni, like Captain Whitney, who gave his life protecting our country, I believe it is the least we can do. Any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated (financial, signing the petition, or just sharing this post). Thank you all for your help.