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Ridge Iron – Search & Rescue Riggers EDC Belt Set


Now on Kickstarter is the Search & Rescue (SAR) Riggers EDC Belt Set from Ridge Iron.  The idea was to bring the technology used by military and law-enforcement to the search and rescue community.


It’s a two-part belt consisting of stiff inner liner and 1.5″ outer belt which can be connected to one another via Velcro. The triple stitch outer belt also features a Austrialpin Cobra buckle with D ring.


Belt Color Options: Black, Wolf Grey, Coyote Brown (Cobra Buckle will be black on all versions).

Made in USA (except for the Cobra Buckle which has a Berry waiver).

Check it out at


7 Responses to “Ridge Iron – Search & Rescue Riggers EDC Belt Set”

  1. Canuck says:

    If it’s “bring[ing] the technology used by military and law-enforcement to the search and rescue community”, is there anything to it that makes it SAR/EMS specific, or is it 100% about marketing?

  2. Rob says:

    If you don’t want to wait until December, and want to pay about half the cost, this already exists.

    AWS already makes the same thing starting at $60 for the base model.

  3. Justin Hill Jr. says:

    ANOTHER company making one of these belts. Nothing innovative here and a kickstarter? Come on..

  4. Carson says:

    We agree that their many great belts on the market, however, we will challenge you to find one that has a 1.5″ ridged belt set with inner and outer velcro mounting system. The Berry compliant, U.S. made belt set is two belts. It has an outer belt w/ custom Cobra D Ring for gear that is attached to a soft velcro inner belt all while allowing it to be 1.5” belt loop friendly (such as jeans, Carhartt, and Crye precision style pants) thus eliminating the need for an oversize military combat belt.

    In order to make the thick double layered 1.5 belts we needed to fabricate a custom buckle design to accommodate the double layered belts. We worked with AustriAlpin for a custom wide buckle (to allow multiple layers of Mil-W-55301) based on their legendary COBRA buckle. No other belt system offers this series of options.