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Ronin “Ninja” Blue Jeans by Oxcart

Ronin “Ninja” Blue Jeans

-What’s the real threat while conducting Low-Vis operations? The high chance that we may get TAKEN. Train and prepare for such things.

-Ronin V2DX “Ninja” Jeans designed by those who have been there.

Jeans available at

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8 Responses to “Ronin “Ninja” Blue Jeans by Oxcart”

  1. jellydonut says:

    “34.5? Inseam – **Shorter Inseams Not offered currently**”

    Manlets BTFO.

  2. Burned says:

    Please do a version with no Multicam and just a solid color inside (gray, black, etc.).

  3. I'm Pickle Rick!!! says:

    Just got a couple of pairs, these are sweet.

    The multicam isn’t seen unless someone has removed your pants, in which case, I believe you may have bigger issues than someone noticing you’re an “operator”. Plus, the multicam liner of the waist band is super soft and comfy.

    The fit and range of motion on these are second to none, and the extra pockets rock, without making you look like, well you know. Super low vis.

  4. batboy375 says:

    how does the sizing go with these? i just ordered a pair

  5. Stefan S. says:

    You can mod the inner waistband of any jeans to stash E&E, tools and lock picks. Just sayin.

  6. Lawman says:

    Remember boys and girls, concealing a handcuff key is a felony in some states.

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