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SureFire Field Notes Ep. 16, Positional Shooting with Barry Dueck

In this episode, Barry Dueck discusses methods for supported and unsupported positional shooting.

Barry Dueck is a former Marine, owner of Dueck Defense Inc, champion competitive shooter and VP of Suppressors and Weapons at SureFire LLC. Barry is also the architect of SureFire’s SOCOM suppressors, winner of the most rigorous and extensive suppressor evaluation in history. Barry’s knowledge comes from his military experience, expertise in the firearms industry as a designer, and also from being a 3-Gun Champion, IPSC Grandmaster and USA Team World Shoot gold medalist.

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2 Responses to “SureFire Field Notes Ep. 16, Positional Shooting with Barry Dueck”

  1. Ed says:

    Solid info. I wonder when/if the instruction will ever get changed for “us” in current service to use the magazine as a rest for rifle quals? Even in BUD/S 10 yrs ago were teaching not to rest on magazine, that it was synonymous w/ cheating or will induce a FTF. Would be great if Big-Mil ever adapts modern shooting techniques from the Pros.