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The Yarborough Knife

The Yarborough knife, aka The Green Beret Knife.


Soldiers graduating from the Special Forces Qualification Course were presented The Yarborough knife along with their Green Beret, beginning in August 2002.

The knives were initially “issued” to graduates and signed for on a “hand receipt”, making them government property. According to myth, legend , and folklore, this made them illegal to re-sell. You rarely see a Yarborough for sale.

Today, graduates must purchase their knife through the SF Museum. You may only purchase one. Each knife is serial numbered and that number kept on record.

Chris Reeve’s Knives manufactures the Yarborough and also makes a civilian version minus the ‘Yarborough’ and serial number engraving on the blade.

The Yarborough knife, a combat field knife specifically designed by renowned knife maker William Harsey – which serves as a link to the brotherhood of unconventional warriors.

Blade Length: 7.0″
Cutting Edge: 6.25″
Handle Length: 5.375″
Overall Length: 12.375″

Info via Special Forces Association Chapter LX


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  1. Stefan S. says:

    Also If you were a member of 1SFG you can get the 1SFG specific version. Similar as a non engraved version sold as the Pacific.
    -First in Asia!