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Now On Kickstarter – SightLines: Headset Cushions with Zero Eyewear Interference by Noisefighters

Wearing both eyepro and earpro while at the range can become pretty annoying when the earpieces of the glasses break seal of the ear cups. Noisefighters has developed the first over-ear headset cushions to feature zero eyewear interference. Called SightLines, they are currently available on Kickstarter.


Noisefighters tells us that when SightLines cushions are worn correctly, eyewear no longer causes hot spots around the ears. In addition, the unique horseshoe ring design and use of silicone gel and memory foam softens the cushion so much that compression is significantly reduced, pressure is better equalized across a larger surface area, and eyewear will not sit crookedly or need to be constantly adjusted. The cushions are also quite roomy, so ears will not feel cramped. Headaches are also significantly reduced or eliminated compared to traditional ear cushions.


Government testing has shown a 1-10+ decibel decrease in sound deadening when eyewear breaks the head seal on traditional ear cushions used on earmuffs.


The cushions are compatible with most of the popular headsets used by shooters and aviators: Howard Leight Impact Sport/Pro, 3M Peltor (including Optime, RangeGuard, Sport Tactical, Tactical Sport, and ComTac/SWATTac), MSA Sordin, Walker’s Razor Slim, TCI Liberator/DEHP, Gentex SPH-4/5 helmets, Aviation Survival Evo helmets, and a ton more headphones and aviation headsets from Bose, etc.

Even more promising, these aftermarket pads are less expensive than gel replacements from the OEM.



12 Responses to “Now On Kickstarter – SightLines: Headset Cushions with Zero Eyewear Interference by Noisefighters”

  1. Major Smoof says:


  2. Reseremb says:

    Saw these in a FB group recently and immediately joined the Kickstarter, great idea

  3. Doc Ras says:

    I absolutely love the idea but those of you who are new to kickstarter, there is no promise you will ever get a pair even if it is fully funded. I lost about $300 between 2 kickstarter projects snd now I just wait for them to hit the market. Only invest what you are willing to lose.

    • Hey Doc Ras,

      I understand the angst. However, the cushions for HL Impact Sports / Pros are already made for production and ready to ship. The funds from this project are just going straight toward the tooling cost to make the cushions compatible with all the other headsets. So, this isn’t a vaporware project. I’d even be happy to send you a pair right now if you had HL Impact Sports and promised to either pledge on the campaign if you liked them or send ’em back my way (free return label) if you didn’t like them.


  4. joe says:

    A better kickstarter would be for affordable electronic earplugs like the 3M PELTOR TEP-100, which would eliminate eyepro/helmet issues entirely.

    The only difference between those and the $40 wireless earbud/ earpod knock offs is the software. What’s holding it back is that no one has targeted the low end yet.

    • Reseremb says:

      Problem with earplugs is fitting, specially if you plan to run with them.

      Maybe custom molded earplugs could make them practical

      • Depends on which ones you run – IRT fitment. I can comment on the Silynx Clarus Pro: they fit and stay very well using the same foam eartips that Shure has been using for decades on IEMs for studio and concert musicians. I wear them on the range and while hunting and have had zero issues with fit or retention.

  5. Zach says:

    I’d even back this product if it was only a gel replacement for the Howard Leights.

    I’ve honestly never had problems with eyewear and gel earcups on the MSAs or Peltors, but damn…do I hate wearing earpro if they’ve got the stupid hard foam earcups.

  6. Chuck says:

    If your looking for glasses that won’t mess with the seal, go with the SMITH Optics Aegis Echo. Not the best looking for around town wear, but if you’re on the range not trying to win a fashion award, these are awesome. Just make sure you get the pair with the thin frames.

  7. Reader says:

    I was thinking when will someone come out with a solution for this.

  8. tremis says:

    I ordered a set. Even if they are the same comfort/sealing as the gel pads on the market now, they cost less and are made in the US.