Arbor Arms Assaulter Plate Carrier


The Assaulter Plate Carrier comes with Arbor Arms’ proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic. This elastic allows for very fine adjustments not only for size but body shape providing for a dynamic, comfortable, ergonomic fit. The elastic all so allows for front, back, and side plates to ride snug to body with out flopping like traditional cummerbunds or restricting breathing.


*Laser cut PALS slots
*FLEX slotted molle elastic skeletonized cummerbund
*AustiAlpin Cobra buckle cummerbund attachment (end user serviceable)
*Loop panels front and back for number/patches
*Mounting slots and loop Velcro on front for attaching various CORE Placard systems with either G-hooks or Swiftclips
*Slots in back panel for management of comms wires
*Front plate bag has map/hand warming pocket on body side of plate
*Can be ordered with or with out maritime release and can have maritime release added retroactively
*4 way stretch material in plate bag construction allows for snug plate fit
*Moisture wicking spacer mesh for body side fabric




8 Responses to “Arbor Arms Assaulter Plate Carrier”

  1. kevin says:

    Their “proprietary” slotted MOLLE elastic isn’t proprietary. There is a gearmaker in the Fayetteville area that has been doing that for 4+ years.

    • Arbor Arms says:

      Really, who? And is it sewn or woven because I did prototypes with sewing and the needle degrades the elastic. Ours is woven and comes off the loom ready for molle

  2. Paul J says:

    Elastic molle system, strange. Do they have enough rigidity to attach something heavier than a postcard on them?

  3. Something says:

    I think that the plate pockets have a really well thought out design. Obviously this is just anonymous internet feedback but I don’t really like the use of the cobra buckle attachment system. It prevents the user from utilizing some of the most important MOLLE space on the carrier and I don’t understand why you’d use a metal buckle for that purpose in the first place. It appears unnecessarily heavy and unstable since the female end is on a single attachment point. Also, a more minor point but the shoulder straps don’t seem like they facilitate running cables over the shoulder which could be a problem for some users.

    Like I said, really smart design of the plate bags. I especially appreciate how you’ve included slots for swiftclips and velcro on the bottom for detachable placards and chest rigs which are definitely popular with Soldiers at the moment.

    • Arbor Arms says:

      Thank you for the complement on the plate pocket design. The picture is a little bit deceiving but you can molle over the male buckle so the only space that is “lost” is the female buckle when the front of the carrier is slick, wich is about the same amount of space lost with the first spear tubes. But when the 3 mag placard is run the female buckle is pulling from the front of the mags and no space is lost at that point.
      The buckle is skeletonized aluminum so the weight is nominal but allows for both molling over the buckle and end user serviceability.
      the single point attachment is key in that it allows the buckle and cummerbund to pivot and contour to fit the end users body while the elastic cummerbund holds side SAPIs, radios and any thing elts internally mounted, securely to the body with out any bounce or hot spots.
      As for comm wire routing, the Assaulter plate bags and shoulder straps were designed to work with our FLEX shoulder pads specifically to manage comms wires discreetly.

      • Something says:

        That addresses my concerns nicely, thanks. I’m still not 100% sold on the cobra buckle but I can’t make any more observations without actually using it. It looks like a great design overall and I really appreciate the attention to detail you’ve put into it.