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Remington Announces Major Sales Partnerships

Huntsville, AL – Remington Outdoor Company (“ROC”) is excited to announce a strategic partnership with three of the industry’s leading manufacturers rep agencies. The partnership, which is in effect immediately, includes ProActive Sales and Marketing, Murski Breeding Sales, and Maschmedt and Associates. All three groups have earned industry praise for reading market trends, providing outstanding customer service and managing communications with ease.

“This is an important move that will better align the Company with our aggressive 2018 go to market strategy,” said Scott A. Rothenberg, ROC Senior Vice President of Global Sales. “We could not be more pleased with this outstanding team of sales leaders, and we have no doubt our customers will feel the same way.”

The ProActive Sales and Marketing team will oversee the SouthEast and SouthWest territories. Murski Breeding will oversee the NorthEast and MINK territories, and Maschmedt and Associates will oversee the West territory.


2 Responses to “Remington Announces Major Sales Partnerships”

  1. Baldwin says:

    So, how is the market for crap products these days?

  2. Beau Colligan says:

    Dear Remington,
    Please just stop worrying about pistols and just make some solid Model 700s, 1100s and 870s. While your at it, how bout bringing the Model 541 back?