MATBOCK Monday – Skins

The Patent Pending MATBOCK Skins are a multi-layer adhesive/fabric laminate designed to give the user the ability to camouflage any surface desired. The Skins are waterproof and oil resistant and can be reused multiple times. Due to the adhesive’s ability to bind to the MATBOCK Ghost Lite fabric very strongly, the adhesive will not come off on the opposite surface when removing and replacing. The Ghost Lite fabric is certified Near IR Compliant as well and will not tear, fray or stretch during application and removal. Currently, MATBOCK has Skins specifically laser cut for the Team Wendy Exfil Ballistic, LTP and Carbon Bump helmets (Size 1 and 2) as well as for 3M Peltor COMTAC III Headsets.

Team Wendy and Peltor COMTAC Hesdset skins are available for purchase now. By the end of Feb, you will also be able to order all 4 sizes of Ops Core SENTRY Low Cut, FAST High Cut, FAST Super High Cut, ACH Low Cut, ECH Low Cut, Carbon Super High.
They have also done specific skins for various units and are available upon request. Additionally, MATBOCK also sells the material by the yard in 27 inch widths for any individual’s custom work such as ATVs, bikes, or side by sides.



12 Responses to “MATBOCK Monday – Skins”

  1. Zackary says:

    GOOD 2 see

  2. d says:

    I was halfway into a snarky comment when I realized I kinda like the idea of this, particularly the uncut sheets.

    • Mark Chickwack says:

      There are sheets available for years, i have done the exact same thing with all of my gear using GEARSKIN™ self adhesive fabrics. Fine Cordura materials only.

  3. Reseremb says:

    Similar to Croatian GearSkin, but laser-cut for specific items… very interesting. Can’t wait to see that Matbock belt recently teased in IG.

  4. rearmount says:

    This looks like the solution for those who like those Cordura-wrapped Safariland holsters, but want to do it themselves. Hopefully they release other colors like Coyote or Ranger Green!

  5. Chuck says:

    Awesome! Love this company! Solid gear.

  6. Curious if these will be available for the Airframe

  7. Adun says:

    Oh man, they used to have us make a Jerry rigged version of this back in the IDF. They would put out a big can of glue and have soldiers glue camouflage material to their helmets. I definitely wish we had this option back then!