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N-Vision Optics NEW 12 Micron TWS13 Thermal Weapon Sights

N-Vision Optics’ newly redesigned TWS13 thermal weapon sight line-up provides operators with a significant advantage in detecting, observing, and engaging targets in all conditions, day or night. Combining a rugged and lightweight hi-tech composite material housing with advanced thermal imaging technology, the TWS13 series of weapon sights generate superior IR images and ensures target acquisition at maximum possible ranges.


New additions to the N-Vision Optics TWS13 series offer options designed for CQB to medium range weapons systems and medium to long range weapon systems.


Featuring a 640×480, 12 micron core, and 35mm or 50mm objective lens options, the TWS13 series is the optimal choice for any scenario.

New TWS13 series Thermal Weapon Sights provide 4 polarity viewing modes. Black hot, white hot, color pallet, and edge detect.


The TWS13 Thermal Weapon Sights will be on full display at SHOT Show January 23rd – 26th, 2018 at the N-Vision Optics Booth #20034.




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