Guerilla Approach Changes Up Tactical Marksmanship Program

“Static shooting develops skill, but shooting and movement measures the depth of proficiency.”
Aaron Barruga of Guerrilla Approach explains why he changed his tactical marksmanship programming.


17 Responses to “Guerilla Approach Changes Up Tactical Marksmanship Program”

  1. Matt says:

    Not a new idea. In fact, Kyle Defoor’s been doing this with military classes since 2010. I know, I’ve been through several. Defoor and the STG crew pretty much own the stress inoculation game and have the clientele to back it up. Aaron/Guerrilla Approach needs to give credit where credit is due.

    • Johnny Primo says:

      You won dumbest comment Ive seen in awhile. Kyle is from from inventing this type of training as we were doing it in Group as far back as I can remember. way to be a fan boy though. Aaron owes zero credit to anyone.

  2. Ruben says:

    Looks relevant and interesting. Maybe offer classes away from the coasts and get away from their … Ahem unfriendliness to civilian student firearm ownership…

  3. Manny F says:

    Nice to see 3-gun/IPSCA/IDPA movements into training.

  4. Paste says:

    Nice to see Echo Valley Training Center as the back drop. Great place.

  5. Pico says:

    Running and gunning, hardly a new “invention”. I like the guy pumping his arms while running, easily covering a >90 degree arch with his muzzle. Be safe out there!

  6. Lynx says:

    Strange special unit technique. It looks pretty but it’s pointless. A normal infantryman does not fire while walking.

    • Ed says:

      Soo, only “abnormal” infantry can/should shoot while walking???

    • hodge175 says:

      Sooooo returning fire on a target while moving to hard cover is not a thing in the regular Infantry world? What if you find you and a team or a squad clearing a structure, are you not moving with rifles up and prepared to return fire if needed?

    • Adrian says:

      Where the hell are you an infantryman?

    • Stone11C says:

      I seem to remember this highly institutionalized thing called a “battle drill” where you assaulted through a near ambush( shooting while moving with nary a piece of cover to be found)…what was that called? Oh wait, you won’t know since you’re “normal infantry.”

    • Adrian says:

      Let me refine my question… Lynx, please tell us about yourself, and where your frame of reference for infantry operations comes from.

    • normal infantryman says:

      Look at all the simps taing exception to you laying down the law.

      1. Stop moving.
      2. square up with target.
      3. raise weapon
      4. disengage safety.
      5. fire
      6. assess target
      7. scan your surroundings to ensure a stray round didn’t start a forest fire.
      8. re-engage safety
      9. Re-sling weapon
      10. Charlie the F*CK mike.

      Have fun with your gun ballet, the regular infantry will be putting boot to thigh and taking social security numbers.

      Pursue me! – Steel Joe

  7. Lynx says:

    Of course, sometimes you must shoot during the movement as well. But this drill isn’t no way a normal battle drill. In the battle, you will not move without the cover-fire of your comrades. This video is a direct influence of the US Afghanistan “anti-terror” missions (anyway, this is not an example of Ukraine’s experience).
    Again, its looks great and tactical, but for real life its not relevant.
    No hard feelings, please -its just my experience (I’m reservist of Finnish Army).

    • Lerch says:

      Hopefully by now, you have realized your debating AIT level, Basic Infantry tactics with some salty dudes who have done all that jazz and a smidgen more for GP.
      If this has escaped you, please bend at the waist, touch your ankles and squat thrust yourself….repeat as necessary 😉

  8. John Smith says:

    Why did I read the comments….

    The arguments I see against what we have here are:

    1. Nu-uh.
    2. He wasn’t the first to do this.

    To call you skull t-shirt wearing apes juvenile is to elevate your standing considerably.