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Jason Swazey Joins Kelty Tactical As Government Sales Manager

Over the past couple of years, Kelty Tactical has been introducing new products and Scott ring some wins so it’s great to see they’re bring in Jason Swazey to give Dan Eubank a hand. Jason comes on board as the Government Sales Manager, a role he is well suited for.

I’ve known Jason for over 15 years, going back to his time with Amron International. Next, he led Sandpiper of California, a pack brand found in military exchanges and elsewhere. For the past five years, he worked for ADS on the SOCOM Team, working with west coast-based SOF.

Jason tells me he’s looking to develop US made sewn goods focusing on Tents, Sleep systems, and Packs, as well as ancillary items like rescue ponchos, pack covers, and tent flies in all colors to include arctic white!

Give him a call or shoot him an email if he can help with your requirement or develop new kit for your emerging requirements/mission.

Cell: 757-805-4921

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6 Responses to “Jason Swazey Joins Kelty Tactical As Government Sales Manager”

  1. Insane Soldier says:

    Right on! Really hope Kelty brings back the Ocean Grey Map 3500 back!
    I really like that color.

  2. JM says:

    I believe that he’s misspelled Swayze.

  3. JM says:

    Bad Patrick Swayze joke, sorry.

  4. Juan Bravo says:

    Congrats Bro. Keep doing great things. JB