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Any Other Dog Faced Soldiers Out There?

I served in the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Division from 1988-1990, in Würzburg, Federal Republic Of Germany. The Marne Division, as it is known, has a song, “Dog Faced Soldier” dating from WWII, as well as a mascot named Rocky, created in 1965 by none other than Walt Disney, for just $1.

Rocky’s name hails from WWI, where 3ID held like a rock during the second Battle of the Marne River. This distinguished service also earned the Division its motto, the French “Nous Resterons La” (English – We Shall Remain Here).

I find it rather unfortunate that the song “Dog Faced Soldier” written by two Infantrymen, was altered after the Division moved to Ft Stewart to make it gender neutral.

Here is the version we sang. If you attended PLDC at the 3ID NCO Academy in Kitzengen, you had to learn and sing it as well, regardless of which unit you served with. This often led to altered lyrics which weren’t so flattering for us ‘Dog Faced Soldiers.’

“I wouldn’t give a bean,
to be a fancy-pants Marine
I’d rather be a dog-faced soldier like I am.
I wouldn’t trade my old O.D.’s
for all the Navy’s dungarees
for I’m the marching pride of Uncle Sam.
All the posters you see say the Army builds men,
Well, they’re tearing me down to build me over again.
I’m just a dog-faced soldier
with a rifle on my shoulder
and I eat raw meat for breakfast every day.
So feed me ammunition, and keep me in the 3rd Division
For your dog-faced soldier boy’s O.K.”

Of course, the only constant is change. Take for example this version of the song from 1955’s “To Hell And Back”k a movie which tells the story of the most famous Marne Soldier of all, Audie Murphy. The lyrics are different than the version I learned.


19 Responses to “Any Other Dog Faced Soldiers Out There?”

  1. HMFIC says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thulsa Doom says:

    Lord of NTC rotations, too damn many Marne Focii, and master of the swamps of Fort Stewart. And one deployment to the land of the sand as part of Operation Desert Lewinski.

    Top of the Rock. 1997-1999
    PLDC 0299.

  3. Iceman says:

    As a local resident of Richmond Hill, GA and a neighbor of many 3ID soldiers, I can proudly say that the tradition and strength of “the rock of the Marne” lives on.

  4. MAC says:

    Rock of the Marne! B3/7IN!!! Cottonbalers by God! Damn Fine Soldiers!

  5. Chris says:

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . 3rd BDE / 3ID

  6. Darkhorse says:

    No, but when I went to Ranger School in 1991, 1SG Grenier of C Co 4th RTB called me “dog face” when he jumped on my stomach while doing flutter kicks. I wonder if that would fly nowadays.

  7. Steve says:

    The kaserne library in the early 90s still had vinyl records and a turntable with headphones to listen to them. A record of the 3ID song from early 50s I listened to back then had alternate (and probably closer to the original) lyrics for the second to last stanza:

    I’m just a Dog-faced soldier
    With a rifle on my shoulder
    And I eat a Kraut for breakfast everyday

  8. Marcus says:

    Have a family member who was 11b, 3ID/24 when that still existed. His Reforger stories are epic.

  9. WYGuy23 says:

    My Mother was stationed over there about the same time period. I have an interesting photo of her that I have linked to. From what I have been told, she was one of the first female tank mechanics in the Army.


  10. Will Rodriguez says:

    Great memory. Thanks for sharing. Never served in the 3TD but always had a tremendous amount of respect for the unit. It has an incredible history and the connection to Audie Murphy is timeless.

  11. Jarrad truog says:

    Twice I have served in 3rd ID. Once at Stewart and once at Benning. At Benning there was another song played at the end of PT.


    Peter Gabriels Sledgehammer in honor of the Sledgehammer Brigade

  12. Attack7 says:

    OIF 1 – Screaming north, That Division smoked more enemy in such a shorter time period than anyone else, and nobody ever gives them credit for it!

    RIP CSM Bob Gallagher!

    FOB Hammer

    • Iron M. says:

      2d BdeHQ and TF B/1-64 AR (B CO was the light infantry startup company in what was an Armor BN Task Force) Desert Rogues, MFMA! 2003-2006. What a humble but super lethal unit, nothing fancy, just a bunch of exceptionally hard working tankers, grunts, and assorted blue collar troops. Marne-tastic Express! Big shout out to whomever recognized Blackhawk Bob Gallagher, none finer, RLTW.

  13. Xman says:

    A 4-64 OIF 3
    FOB Prosperity

  14. Hobbs says:

    Here. B Co. 26th BSB 2nd BDE, 2005-2012. Went to OIF 3, 5, & 7.

  15. GW says:

    Yes indeed, i was assigned to 3/4 CAV that transitioned to 3/7 CAV in Schweinfurt. Funny, i learned the Dog Face soldier outside of the CSM’s office as another NCO was in there getting reamed for not knowing it. I was reporting to the unit…but not taking any chances. he made me sing it and scuffed me up for “changing the words”.

  16. Ghost 37 says:

    Was a Dogface Soldier from 1995-1997 with the 1st Raider BDE B 1/15 IN Schweinfurt GE.

    2004-2008 with the 3rd Sledgehammer BCT still as a “Can Do” Soldier and again with B 1/15 IN.

    Many fond memories of the giant Rocky Statue at the Wurzburg Caserne gates and Sledgehammer blasting over the loud speakers @ Benning every morning after PT!

  17. Mark Wolf says:

    I was in 103rd Cco in wurzberg from 88 to 91 as a GSR I also worked at the news paper for about half a year we shared barracks with the LRSD. who were you with?

  18. FAEX says:

    I was in B Btry 5/41 FA from 1993-1995 in Schweinfurt, GE. Great times!

    My son is currently in 2BDE 3ID at Ft Stewart.