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Go Commando Show – Episode 33 Featuring SGM Rob Trivino (USA, Ret)

Rob Trivino is a Retired US Army Special Operations Veteran and owner of Evergreen Mountain LLC.

I purchased his book, “A Warrior’s Path : Lessons In Leadership” when it came out. It was a valuable read, even though I’m retired. I gave it to one of my sons who also plans a career in the military and hope that he finds its wisdom valuable throughout his life.

Trivino was interviewed on the most recent episode of the Go Commando Show.

I don’t often share other’s work like this without some form of partnership, but I thought it was so important for my readers that I obtained permission to share this episode of the Go Commando Show.


Go Commando Show is the creation of retired Marine Fred Galvin. The whole series is worth a listen.

2 Responses to “Go Commando Show – Episode 33 Featuring SGM Rob Trivino (USA, Ret)”

  1. Echo says:

    Rob is a hidden gem in the training world. He really gets how to transition his military experience to a LE group. Extremely humble, true quiet professional. He has been a friend and mentor to our team for many years and has fundamentally changed the way we operate and how we lead.

  2. Tuukka says:

    One of the best discussions of leadership and character I have seen in my life

    I had noted SGM Trivino’s book ( A Warrior’s Path: Lessons In Leadership ) earlier but only now recently ordered it.

    Received it some days ago and read it 2/3 way yesterday evening.

    Again, a down to earth and honest tone conveys through the book with focus on his own mistakes also and ways of constantly improving himself.