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Reaper Ammunition Partners with SEAL 1 CLP Plus and Lehigh Defense

“Reaper Ammunition” have partnered up with SEAL 1 “CLP Plus” and Lehigh Defense. What better way to have a partnership. Reaper Controlled Chaos, dirties the weapon and SEAL 1 Cleans the weapon. Its a match made for each other. The ying to the yang.

The partnership works like this, Reaper Outdoors is going to sell SEAL 1 products on their E commerce. www.reaperoutdoors.com and SEAL 1 is going to distribute and be a fulfillment center for the New England States. SEAL 1 is Headquartered out of the state of Maine. This will open up many New England Stores because of the lower cost of shipping. Reaper Ammunition is currently owened and operated by Navy SEAL Ron Bellan, Host of the show “ Survive the Hunt”. Reaper Ammo is taking the lead no the net generation of bullets, using brass and copper projectiles from Lehigh Defense.

Ron Bellan, call sign, Reaper 01 has this to say, “If i am making bullets for the next generation, then we will be around a long time, All the companies I have partnered up with, SEAL 1 and Lehigh Defense not only to make the best bullets, projectiles and weapons cleaning products, we give back. All the Reaper packaging has the SOWW logo printed, Special Operations Wounded Warriors Charity. www.sowwcharity.com

All three companies donate a annual check to the charity. We do this so the customer doesn’t have to and we want to give back to those who have sacrificed and served our country. My brothers and sisters in arms deserve it. When people purchase a Reaper Product they are not only getting a very high quality product, but are giving back to a great organization thats doing great things for great people. I am proud and blessed to have SEAL 1 www.seal1.com and Lehigh defense www.lehighdefense.com as partners.”

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One Response to “Reaper Ammunition Partners with SEAL 1 CLP Plus and Lehigh Defense”

  1. tangloppen says:

    well shiet, thats some serious mallninja bait.
    “controlled chaos”, omg that sounds so cool, and if we then put a pirate on the boxcover, it will be amazing