Grey Ghost Gear Canada – Level 3+ Plate

At the IWA Outdoor Classics, Grey Ghost Gear Canada showed their new GGAP-31, a NIJ Level 3+ (06!standard) Hard Armor Plate which was designed and is manufactured in Canada. That means this Plate, which is a hybrid construction of silicon carbide and Dyneema is not subject to ITAR for international clients. It stops 7.62×51 (M80) @2780 FPS (6 shots 37mm max BFD) and 5.56×45 M855/SS109 @3020 FPS (6 shots 20mm Max BFD) and weighs 4.14 lbs / 1.879 kg.


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  1. BRADKAF308 says:

    I send my wife there for my C’mas shopping. No plates yet there.