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Hungarian 2015M Camo Pattern


Reader Krisss shared this image of the Hungarian 2015M Camo Pattern yesterday. The image sits on the Combat Gear Blog.


17 Responses to “Hungarian 2015M Camo Pattern”

  1. steve says:

    Not fantastic

    • Joe says:

      Have you ever seen UCP?
      If it had looked this good, we’d still be wearing it (wear out date aside).

  2. Eddie says:

    As long as they hang on to their woodland pattern and ditch the goofy caps I’ve got no qualms with this. Really interesting take on Multicam.

  3. Krisss says:

    Here you can read about it. Google translator roughly works.

  4. El Guapo says:

    Damn, that’s hot. Looks almost like Rhodesian and Multicam had a baby.

    Has this been adopted by the Hungarians for mass issue?

  5. cy says:

    Looks like British DPM in new colors and slight pattern change. Is this for multiple environments? It’s a little to light for woodland use.

    • Krisss says:

      Yes it is for multiple enviroments. (also the climate is getting dryer and hotter in Hungary, and the plains are mostly peppered bushes only)

  6. Krisss says:

    The new uniform under the process of adoption. It will be issued for most units of HDF this year.

  7. jjj0309 says:

    It actually.. look like early day Chinese Multicam knock-off.

  8. Brutal Buddha says:

    Increase dark tan base tone coverage to 80%ish and decrease light tan to 20; and you have a pretty sweet multi terrain pattern there.

  9. cj says:

    it looks like they’ve ripped off the brit MTP and changed the colors

  10. Litefighter says:

    I agree with El Guapo, it looks like Rhodesian Brushstroke with updated colors and rounded off as opposed to trailing off pattern. If the tan and brown fields were switched it would look even more like the dark Brushstroke. I think it is pretty sick and would be down to pick up a pair of the combat trousers for range work and chillin’.

  11. Bulldog76 says:

    Looks a little rhodesianish

  12. JBar says:

    Look at it from normal detection and engagement ranges and compare this to multi-cam types. This camo breaks up the overall uniform at range. It looks like they made the right decision.