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Tough Hook LLC Introduces The Tough Hanger

April 3, 2018 Bozeman,Mt

Toughhook 2

Tough Hook LLC’s New product the Tough Hanger is Coming Soon to a Dealer near you.

The Tough Hanger is the Ultimate and most Robust regular looking hanger ever. The Tough Hanger is the newest addition to the Tough Hook line. It is a multipurpose, multi-use, heavy duty hanger. It has the looks of a standard regular hanger, but there’s nothing regular about it. This thing is a beast to fulfill all your other heavy carry needs when our Original Tough Hook is not what you need. Large full shoulder areas allow for a stable platform for larger items.

Specially designed to hang, hold and carry heavy equipment, easily supporting over 150 lbs. Extends the function lifespan of whatever you need to carry. Also integrated with our Patented built in carry handle that we are known for. Integrated areas on top and bottom so items still don’t slip off when turned upside down to utilize the carry handle. Now you can hold things like fishing waders, heavy motorcycle leathers, wet suits, freezer suits, fire turn outs, backpacks, rucks and parachute containers with ease.

Hold – Transport – Store with the Tough Hanger

Will be available to start in Black, White and Grey.

• Robust Heavy Duty Design
• Large/ Full shoulder area
• Patented carry handle, for easy transportation of heavy equipment.
• I-beam construction and impact resistant resin make it nearly indestructible.
• 150lb+ load capacity.
• Tough Hook is proudly manufactured in the USA.
• Backed with a 100% lifetime warranty.

See more at www.tough-hook.com


One Response to “Tough Hook LLC Introduces The Tough Hanger”

  1. james says:

    We have seen similar in the scuba industry, but this is pretty slick with the flip carry feature… I can not imagine this not flying off the shelf for the law enforce guys… even a great option for the military… nice job guys.