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Coming Soon…ThruDark

Over the past few months, we’ve been following a new clothing company on Instagram called ThruDark. They are currently working on a line of 12 garments, with the first three launching in late May. We thought now was a good time to introduce Louis and Staz to our readers as well as a sneak peek of one of their new designs.


ThruDark was born out of Adversity…

Louis and Staz have spent the vast majority of their military careers within UK Special Forces. During this time, they’ve endured some of the world’s most arduous environments and terrains in extremely demanding circumstances. Consummate professionals, with incredible attention to detail, yet humble in approach.

The brand was born out of their constant requirement for the best clothing and equipment to assist them in their ‘Endeavour Through Adversity’.

“As Special Forces, we were equipped with the highest specification equipment for the operation at hand. We are always critical of the way it performs and we are at the forefront of developing it to meet our demands”.
-Louis, cofounder

The brand name ‘Thru-Dark’represents the endurance through difficult situations experienced not only by ourselves and our colleagues but to all those who encounter hardships in their own lives.

It’s been over two years from the inception of the brand and it’s beginning to come?to fruition. After traveling around the world in order to find the best factory possible, the garments are now being made in Italy.

They are manufactured to the highest standards using a diverse range of fabrics that are continually tested and developed by the founders and still serving Special Forces Operators.

“We are very fortunate that we are afforded unique skill sets that allow us to continually trial and develop our equipment both personally and through our network of Special Forces contacts across the globe. We feel we have both the credibility and passion to push this to the next level.”
-Staz, cofounder

Research & Development:
We have operated and thrived in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Our Special Forces background gives us first hand experience in developing our products for a broad spectrum of climates from extreme cold tundra, humid jungle to searing arid desert.

We test, evaluate and develop all of our products ourselves, that’ll do will never do. It needs to look amazing and perform even better, surviving on operations without a moments hesitation.

British Design:
Our uncompromising quest for perfection means we work exclusively with one of the worlds most talented design teams ‘Jeffrey Griffin’and ‘Griffin Studio’. Incorporating a?combination of unique ideas, advanced fabrics and technical features to create superior equipment. We are constantly developing a range of products to be utilised in Air, Sea & Land environments.

Here’s a sneak peek of ThruDark’s upcoming SF ZODIAC HALF SHELL Jacket. Colors will include MultiCam and Raven Grey.


The SF Zodiac jacket has a 3-layer waterproof ripstop hood and shoulders designed for intermittent weather. A hard wearing half shell jacket providing protection from the elements whilst maintaining body heat and perspiration regulation.

– 3-Layer waterproof ripstop shoulders and hood. (MAJO-TECH ’RIPPER’ 100% Polyester. Micro ripstop woven with the same yarn used for military supply. The ripstop construction increases the resistance in tear and scuff, it also provides total protection and comfort against water and wind thanks to a functional breathable membrane and an extra protective mesh as inner layer.)
– 4-Way stretch body to allow for a diverse range of functional movements. (‘SERATES VENTO FX4’ 87% PA 13% EA. 4-way stretch with superb water resistance.)
– Upper arm and hood velcro molle patches designed to incorporate reflective patches, emergency strobes and lighting systems for use in emergency situations.
– Laser cut breathable micro fleece chin guard for protection.
– Elasticated and velcro adjustable cuffs with thumb loops.
– 2 YKK aqua seal zip arm pockets and 2 YKK aqua seal zip micro fleece lined hand warmer pockets for multiple storage options.
– Oversized hood peak for protection against sunlight and showers.
– 3 elasticated drawcords for correct hood fitment.
– Made in Italy


Look for the launch, May 24th, 2018 at


13 Responses to “Coming Soon…ThruDark”

  1. Trav says:

    Ditch the black.

    The cool-factor aura goes to those companies that go foliage/coyote and don’t go back. For example, see MM and TAD gear. Half the reason TAD gear exists as a popular brand was it’s early push to use all coyote and foliage in their respective garments, nary a black zipper to be found.

    Mystery Ranch has almost crossed into the cool-factor aura, if they would do away with the black zips and order some darn coyote Ykks already.

    Needless to say, Arcteryx nearly has it down pat, OTTE is pretty good, etc.

    • Trav says:

      Also, see Hill People Gear. Massive cool-factor aura.

    • Nunya250 says:


      Are you making a joke? Nothing screams tactidork more than coyote or foliage colorways. Black will always look good and never go out of style.

    • Luke says:

      Check MR’s site, your dreams have come true.

    • Lasse says:

      I don’t think these guys are aiming at the traditional 5.11 tux guy as their customer. They are British and probably have some class and probably have 0 “cool-factor aura”.

  2. Alpha2 says:

    FDE/tan/sand foilage/RG all nice colors when in appropriate environment not great in everydat urban setting…I dont know about most of you but I rather blend in society than stand out.

  3. Lose_Game says:

    As I understand it, black zips are usually chosen for IR visibility purposes–that’s why they’re seen on products like MR’s packs and the USMC FILBE. I seem to remember reading something about coating durability problems with the coyote as compared to the black as well.

  4. Meat Hammer says:

    Green jacket, gold jacket who gives a shit

  5. Stickman says:

    Rough market to get into. I wish them the best of luck.

  6. ThruDark says:

    Thank you soldier systems and thank you for the support above guys. 12 days until launch … you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. #THRUDARK