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Widget Wednesday:  PTX Vest Power Manager, VPM-402

The PTX VPM-402 is the intelligent, rugged, “man-worn”, combined data and power management solution.

The VPM’s smart USB hub interconnects user-worn data-enabled devices, as well as enabling their constant operability from a single battery. The VPM manages data pass through, prioritizes battery usage, reports power levels, and automatically alerts the operator to any issues. And because it integrates data and power in a single device, it eliminates the need for separate power and data cables –reducing The Battery Burden and streamlining the user’s gear load.

The VPM-402 uses standard USB protocols to pass data between connected devices – regardless of manufacturer – providing backward and forward technology integration. Like its “big brother, the Squad Power Manager, the Vest Power Manager also scavenges from any available power source – vehicle, aircraft, solar, etc. – to power devices and charge batteries.

Originally developed as a central component for the US Marine Corps’ “Marine Austere Patrolling System” program, the compact-sized VPM-402’s full-sized power and data management capability is now in use among JTAC and other extended fires teams with US and Partner Nation forces.

For further information visit www.PTXnomad.com, contact the Team.Room@Protonex.com, and visit the PTX team on the Protonex booth at SOFIC, booth #2232.


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