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Something Happened…Something Wonderful

Today marks our 10th Anniversary of daily coverage for the tactical industry.


For 10 years, I’ve been eating elephants. Some days it’s a baby elephant and some days it’s a bull. Regardless, I’ve learned to go at it one bite at a time, writing posts day in and day out for 10 years now. In fact, I only missed publishing one day in the last decade. It was about a month in, and I was at a family reunion at a park where there was no internet available. Since then, I’ve made arrangements to publish no matter where I am.

It’s been tough, but rewarding. I’ve had opportunities of a lifetime, and missed things I shouldn’t have. I’ll keep at it as long as you keep reading.

60 Responses to “Something Happened…Something Wonderful”

  1. Newman says:

    Congratulations mate! A massive achievement!

  2. SpartanDieselTech says:

    Thanks, Admin. Absolutely no better site on the net for relevant tactical information and new products, even for us non-mil folks.

  3. TW Mike says:

    Congrats Eric!

  4. Trent says:

    Splendid indeed! I check in several times a day.

  5. EGS says:

    Congrats and Thank You!!

  6. BrightSparc says:

    Appreciated greatly! Thank you!

  7. Bradkaf308 says:

    Looking forward to next 10!

  8. xdarrows says:


    Keep up the good work!

  9. Kisgen says:


    I read all day every day. Thank you for what you do and congratulations.

  10. CAPT Jake says:

    Congratulations. Mas Tequila!

  11. JMAA says:

    Congratulations, and here’s to another ten!

  12. MikeTheStud says:


    SSD is pretty much my first internet stop every morning so keep it up.

  13. MATBOCK_CEO says:

    Congrats Eric! We have enjoyed everyday!

  14. AGL Bob says:

    Eric, you have something special here. It’s kind of a mix of industry news and a Blog. It works very well and is very well done. Congratulations and thank you.

  15. Wow – has it been 10 years already?! How time flies when you’re having fun. 😉

    Congratulations, very well done – and we’ll definitely keep reading. Here’s to the next 10 years!

  16. J says:

    Keep up the hard work; SSD is phenomenal!

  17. james says:


    Thank you… you do a fantastic job of covering the industry! Keep up the great work!


  18. SShink says:

    Big milestone, congratulations. You’re our daily bread, hopefully you’ll feed us for many years to come.

  19. Adam says:

    Thank you for all of your sacrifice SSD!

  20. jack says:

    Congrats Gear Guru!
    I could probably count the days I haven’t logged on SSD, and I’m pretty sure I Haven’t missed a single post since day one.
    A huge Thank You is in order!

  21. Riastradh says:

    Congrats Eric, many thanks for your hard work. Here’s to SSD 2028

  22. Rob371 says:

    Congrats Eric and thanks for all the hard work. One of my “must check” websites.

  23. TD-Noah says:

    Well done sir!

  24. Marcus says:

    SSD has is a staple of my daily reading list.

    Much continue success.

  25. Carlo says:

    Keep up the good work Eric!

  26. Ex Coelis says:

    Totally agree with AGL Bob – this site is so completely unique in a world wide web of mil-industry and gear bloggers, it’s beyond comparison. Whoa… Simply cannot believe it’s been ten years!!! Eric, I visit this site at least once or twice a day and consider it to be my number one ‘go-to’ site for any and all mil-industry and/or gear-related news. Hugely appreciate all the work you’ve put into this site, as such; it’s been a real pleasure watching this site evolve into the entity that it has become. Thanks Eric, really looking forward to the next ten years. Cheers and beers to you, Sir!!

  27. Stephen Hilliard says:

    Incredible! Well done, brother!

  28. Magpie says:

    Outstanding, congrats on a decade of keeping us informed.

  29. Brett says:

    Thank you for everything that you do, Eric! The amount of comprehensive content you provide is mind-blowing and much appreciated by all.

  30. Ahis says:

    Congrats on the milestone and great work. I check your site almost on a daily basis since you started!

  31. Stash says:

    Truly – thank you. This has been my favorite website that I leave open all day long for probably 5 of your 10 years.

  32. Max says:

    Congratulations! Your 10 years of excellent service to the community are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! I hope to read SSD daily for many more years.

  33. Strong work. Thank you

  34. Darkhorse says:


  35. Kit Badger says:

    Incredible job Eric. Thanks for dedicating the time and energy into putting out the information you do.

  36. Adun says:

    Not to mention the fact that the content has only improved with time! Thank you for running such an great page. I look forward to being a reader for years to come!

  37. Jon H. says:

    Thank you Eric. I and many others love the work you do. An outstanding resource, for an incredible industry and group of people.

  38. TG says:

    Congratulations, Eric!

  39. Hans Wurst says:


    Keep that great work up! Thanks for your effort. Stay hungry!


  40. JE says:

    Congratulation Eric. SSD has been a daily read for me since almost day one. Keep it up.

  41. sean says:

    Been a loyal reader since I discovered SSD in 2009 while looking for live SHOT coverage. Ever since that day, SSD has been one of the first websites I check every morning. It was great to finally meet you at warrior west in 2014, Eric! Looking forward to another 10 years!

  42. Mike L says:

    Thanks for all you do Eric!

  43. Jason says:

    Congratulations and thank you so much for an awesome resource!

  44. Chris I says:

    Congrats Eric. Always a pleasure reading the site and chatting in person. Keep up the hard work!

  45. Alex says:

    Congrats Eric!

    I’d check the site all the time back in 2008 (and still do) as my #1 go-to for industry news and for high quality articles.

    Excited to see what is in store for SSD in the future.

  46. Jim Hodge says:

    Great work Eric!

  47. BS says:

    Keep up great work! Been reading SSD from the very first day! :)

  48. Dr. Gregory says:

    I’ve been reading since day one. Keep it up and thank you!

  49. Caleb says:

    Dilly! Dilly!
    Here’s to ten more year!. You keep us informed on things we need to know, things we should know and things that are just amazing to know. Keep up the good work!

  50. MThomas says:

    Thank you very much for doing this. This is my favorite place to go for information. Any chance you could get weather and traffic and we would not have to go anywhere else.
    Thanks again.
    Matt Thomas