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Rampart Range Day 18 – Mechanixwear Introduces OD Green

By mid-summer, Mechanixwear will have their three most popular models, Original, Fast Fit and Impact in the new OD color.

Mechanixwear gloves are available through Rampart Corp.

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7 Responses to “Rampart Range Day 18 – Mechanixwear Introduces OD Green”

  1. Bulldog76 says:

    So i take it od is back in style

  2. Bradkaf308 says:

    need more OG. Right SO Tech? Not malicious, just encouraging new material.

  3. MiamiC70 says:

    Being in S. Florida nice to see this as OD has never gone out of style down here.

    Funniest thing is the tactical ninjas wearing Coyote or Desert Tan trying like they are in Fallujah. Camouflage that’s not how it works.

  4. Trent says:

    If the War on Terror never existed you’d have never seen tan/desert/coyote anything.

    Most people wear tan because everyone else is.

  5. CAVStrong says:

    What about their FR Gloves? Are they going to start producing those in anything but black?