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Why The 2nd Amendment Matters

Yesterday, I ran across this post on Instagram by Sean, who founded 30 Sec Out (@thirtysecondsout). I felt it was too important to just repost on Instagram and that I needed to share it with the readers of SSD.

The fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge happened in my lifetime and predictably so, because we abandoned our partners in South East Asia to Communism.

When I was a kid, we had a family in my church who escaped Pol Pot’s year Zero and the creation of Kampuchea. There were hundreds of refugees from the ravages of Communism on SE Asia in my city, but I never understood what that family and others went through until I saw the movie, “The Killing Fields”.

If you’ve never seen it, watch it, and invite someone you know who is anti-2A to experience it as well. But until then, read and share Sean’s words.

I learned a few things in Cambodia a few years ago, from the source. In this pic I’m standing next to our terp (interpreter) Nhean, at one of the killing field memorials called the Tower of Skulls. Nhean told me a lot of stories of what exactly happened when the Khmer Rouge, a communist group, seized power over the country in 1975 where the dictator Pol Pot wanted to create a pure utopian agriculture communist state. First, they had to kill a few million people to get things going. They started by disarming the population. Once the populace was now “soft” they started to incrementally install their ideology, through force. Nhean was brought to the fields to farm, like everyone else. Nhean said,”Anyone wearing eye glasses was shot. Anyone with books, shot. Teachers, doctors and anyone suspected of having an education, killed as well. One day a man, who I knew a little from before, had been a successful rice farmer. He approached the Khmer guards because the system of moving water they were using was not that efficient. He had a better system that yielded a better return at harvest, so he began explaining it to them. I saw them walk the man over a berm and they shot him in the head. They shot him for having an idea. No one thought any of this was possible before it happened.” Let that shit sink in…Mass killings of civilians by military dictatorships in the 1900s were commonly preceded by the confiscation of firearms, a task made easier by laws requiring the registration and/or licensing of privately-owned weapons. It’s a lot fucking harder to subjugate and enslave people when they fight you with effective weapons and knowledge. I’m not disarming, ever.

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  1. Gerard says:

    Im a graduate of UMass Boston and went to school with survivors of the Cambodian killing fields. It left a lasting impression on me. Today when anyone tells me guns are useless against state terror, I politely say I know people who lost entire families because they had no guns.

  2. Alex says:

    I recommend “First They Killed My Father” on Netflix. It’s a biopic based on the personal account of a Cambodian author during that time.

  3. CDMCG says:

    The Cambodian army resisted the Khmer Rouge and were defeated so I doubt any of the population left could have done better, lets not forget that the illegal US bombing of Cambodia was the biggest driver to Khmer recruitment either – a bit on inconvenient history and shame to wear there buddy.

    There is no reputable evidence of any instituted gun control outside of the Khmer siezing all possessions for the state. Pol Pot instituted an extreme form of Communism in decalaring Year Zero resulting in millions killed but to attempt to link this to an argument for greater access to arms is shameful.

    • SSD says:

      “Extreme form of Communism,” nice try there Karl. Every form of Communism has resulted in dead.

      Unfortunately, the population of Cambodia was never an armed population, but rather always under the boot of one ruler or another.

    • SpankDaddyCool says:

      The communist leaders of the USSR were responsible for no fewer than 15 million murders, about the same in China. Lets not forget about Vietnam, Romania, Yugoslavia, East Germany, Laos, People’s republic of Korea, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, and Ethiopia. Where exactly did they “get it right”?

      Remember your buddy Mao, Hillary’s hero, “When there is not enough to eat people starve to death. It is better to let half of the people die so that the other half can eat their fill.”

      I guess your rooting for Thanos in the next Avengers.

    • Vince says:

      Kill yourself.

      • I Am says:

        I think we should all practice what we preach. Lest we become the authoritarian monstrosities discussed here.

    • Marcus says:

      You’re not only a clown, but a grotesquely uninformed one.

      The CPK was formed as a response to French colonial rule. Your guy, Solath Sar, otherwise known as Pol Pot was actually a member of the French Communist Party. CPK was also heavily supported by the Vietnamese Communists. But don’t let that get in the way of your weak attempt at bullshit. Things really hit the fan circa 1970 when Prince Sihanouk, who was supported by the CPK, was deposed by Lon Nol, who was supported by us.

      Most of the rest as they say history.

      Well except for the part where the Khmer Rouge ensured everyone who opposed them was disarmed…and then promptly killed most of them. By the way, that’s just one reason the CPK refused to give up any weapons for years (see the substantial information on organizations like the U.N. trying to disarm the CPK), they had seen what disarming citizens allowed them to do- and they feared retribution.

      Ergo, in your rush to crap on this page an show a substantial lack of intellect, cogntive skills and facts. you missed the main point that communists, demonstrably, throughout history have disarmed the population in order to enforce their despotism.

      By the way, there are many other examples…

      Something that wasn’t lost on our Founders, which is why we have the Second Amendment.

      Next time maybe SSD can draw it in crayon with pictures so you can understand the point.

    • Chuck says:

      “Extreme form of Communism”

      I’m sure it will work great the next time you skinny jeans try it.

  4. jbgleason says:

    This happened in our lifetimes yet anyone who references it is openly lableled a tinfoil wearing conspiracist. The media and the left openly disparage people who believe in self sufficiency and the Second Amendment as “deplorables” who “cling to their guns and Bibles” like that is a problem. My simple solution? I ignore them.

  5. orly? says:

    Jade Helm!

    • 370z says:

      I agree with SSD’s article but this reply is why people think we’re kooks.

      • reverend says:

        Anyone who disagrees that the government is the cure for all ills from poverty to athlete’s foot is viewed a s “kook” by Collectivists of any sort. I concur with Vince above, Ignore them, but take note of how many, their names, and wait for them to act.

      • Vince says:

        Fuck what “people think”.

  6. Scubasteve says:

    Just to be the Devil’s Advocate, the main character from the movie “the Killing Fields”, Dr. Haing S. Ngor, was a survivor of the killing fields who legally immigrated to the US. He was later randomly shot and killed by a bad guy with a gun.
    Unfortunately, that fact plays right into the left’s dialogue, and wrongly overshadows the rest of the facts mentioned above.

    • SSD says:

      If Cambodia hadn’t fallen, he wouldn’t have been in the US to begin with.

      • cimg says:

        How much is one day of freedom worth? Fair bet that Dr Ngor would have willing come to the US evening knowing his fate. We can’t even imagine the persecution in these dictator run regimes.

      • Gerard says:

        Good point SSD. The death Dr Ngor’s death is less about ‘gun violence’ than the gang violence in Los Angles, the two young men who murdered him were gang members.
        Dr Ngor lost everything he had in Cambodia to start a new life in the USA, I only wish he had lived in a different US city to live in

      • Vince says:

        He was killed by ferals, ferals who have grown in number and power based on communist policy adopted and embraced in the place where he spent his final days.

        Good thing he wasn’t armed or trained or someone might have been hurt.

        We’re safe now.

        • Scubasteve says:

          Have a Snickers, Vince. SSD and cimg answered the point very well, with SSD providing exactly the counter-point I was hoping to see.

  7. ADADIO says:

    “Once you’ve been to Cambodia, you’ll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands. You will never again be able to open a newspaper and read about that treacherous, prevaricating, murderous scumbag sitting down for a nice chat with Charlie Rose or attending some black-tie affair for a new glossy magazine without choking. Witness what Henry did in Cambodia – the fruits of his genius for statesmanship – and you will never understand why he’s not sitting in the dock at The Hague next to Miloševi?.”-Anthony Bourdain

    • Ed says:

      Hey Tony B. , aren’t you dead??? Good riddance

    • SShink says:

      More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder – blaming the wrong people.
      Example: Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? that’s our fault.
      No worries, 2 more generations and the history of the mass killings in Cambodia will be erased from the visible history of our youth and the left will be free (encouraged by the useful idiots) to do it all over again.

      • L.washington says:

        Yes let’s all remember the day the Iraqis attacked US soil!

        • Jester says:

          yes L.washington, because the middle east has always been such a peaceful place where everyone got along until the evil Americans showed up….

  8. I Am says:

    If an armed populace is capable of resisting tyrannical governments, then why does America continue to waste resources in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    It’s also an absolutely silly argument in general. A professional military wouldn’t be stopped by yokels wielding rifles alone. One would have to advocate for civilian ownership of anti-air and anti-tank missiles/rockets for that case to be made.

    • Whiskey2Sierra says:

      I Am:

      Perhaps you missed the part where an armed populace of “yokels” defeated the red coats…..

      Just sayin

      • Bob says:

        George Washington hated the militia troops, they were undisciplined and ran off at the first sign of a fight. The US wouldn’t have made it without German advisors and a ton of support from France.

    • Vince says:

      I remember the PIRA doing quite the job of tying things up in NI.

    • balais says:

      You capture anti-tank and anti-air ordnance as the guerrilla war snowballs on…

      Seriously, why is it so hard for people like you to understand logical implication?

      • Bob says:

        Why are you fantasizing about killing Soldiers?

        • Jester says:

          Bob you would have been what’s known as a “loyalist” during the War for Independence.

        • balais says:

          Dont reframe and misinterpret my argument.

          What you said, “It’s also an absolutely silly argument in general. A professional military wouldn’t be stopped by yokels wielding rifles alone. One would have to advocate for civilian ownership of anti-air and anti-tank missiles/rockets for that case to be made.”

          My response, “You capture anti-tank and anti-air ordnance as the guerrilla war snowballs on…”

          Why is it that I have to point out something so simple to you? are you mentally incompetent?

  9. Bob says:

    It took the Vietnamese military 10 years and 25,000 KIA to remove the Khmer Rouge from power. No way an armed populace of civilians was going to win against them.

  10. Bob says:

    If we’re so concerned about having something like what happened in Cambodia happen in the United States we should focus on disarming law enforcement. If your fears are that the government of the United States is going to start rounding up random citizens and putting them into camps for forced labor or death, it’s going to be the LEOs who do it. Ban them from having firearms, remove the capability of oppression from them!

    Instead of trying to arm the general populace to put them on an even footing with the police, disarm the government, ban them from having firearms, put them at the disadvantage.

    • Joe_momma says:

      Disarm the local law enforcement? Federalism ring a bell?

      • SSD says:

        It takes all kinds

      • Bob says:

        I didn’t say local law enforcement, I said all law enforcement. Restrict all government agencies to revolvers, lever and bolt action rifles, and pump action shotguns. The DEA, the FBI, ICE, ATF, state troopers, deputy sheriffs, town cops, none of them need more than that, and if you think they do, then you’re supporting a government capable of overwhelming its own people.

        • Jester says:

          We get it–you don’t believe in the 2nd amendment. I’m not sure you’re at the right website for the anti-freedom crusade.

  11. Alpha2 says:

    I get the point of not wanting to disarm and lose your 2nd Amendment rights within this country, but this article is really has little to do with that in the sense that you cannot stop a tyrannical government bent on genocide with rifles and handguns alone.

    • SSD says:

      History tells a different tale.

      • Mehmaster says:

        The native Americans had small arms apleanty. How did things work out for them?

        • Vince says:

          Yeah. Might as well say “fuck it” and give The Man what he wants.

          Maybe he’ll eat us last.

          After he rapes our daughters in front of us.

    • balais says:

      No shit.

      Thats why you capture heavy ordnance to snowball your guerrilla war.

      (this is the 2nd time I’ve had to point this out. Can you naysaying dipshits read a fucking history book for once in your lives?)

      • SSD says:

        I don’t want to give them the secret sauce since they can’t read.

        • balais says:

          Not only cant they not read, but they have no understanding as to what “Special Forces” do even from a cursory point of view. Its humorous they follow this sight yet are ignorant of this.

  12. Bob says:


  13. Dave says:

    I just want to know which US citizens are supporting the tyrannical regime through violence, violence and death?

    Yet to meet an American who is willing to wear the uniform, uphold the constitution and oppress their fellow citizens…

    • Jeb says:

      They are out there and plenty in numbers. In and out of uniform. It is evident by reading these comments that we have a few who either failed History EVERY school year, plus the 3 yrs they were held back, OR we have a few who learned how to type being blind as shit! Dave, first two sentences are for you, the third is a general observation of some of the comments. To our scholars, a salute. To the unphuckables…follow Vince’s advice duly noted above and kill yourself.

      • dave says:

        So if a POTUS decided that all NRA members need to be imprisoned, who would actually be doing it? Who would be involved in the violence required to enforce such an executive order?

        • Chuck says:

          Maybe some people similar to British loyalists.

          Maybe some people similar to those who robbed banks and detonated IEDs during the Vietnam protests.

          The people who are in the military right now aren’t going to be in the military forever. Remember that the next time a socialist commander in chief guts combat arms and fills the military with soy sipping trannies.

          • David Spicer says:

            I first must say that some of these comments and replies are flat out scary. As a cop this is something I am often concerned about i.e. who will follow that order. Most of my coworkers are in the same camp (OATH KEEPERS) but in the larger cities where the hiring process is often controlled by liberal/progressive fools I worry. With the NEA being so anti American our children are not being taught just how unique the United States is in the course of history and how much good we have done for the world. The generations coming up are going to fallow blindly into the way of no borders globalism and try and exterminate those who disagree. Look at the Hollywood fools and the news media now.

            I am a firm believer that every new Congressman, Senator and President should be given an additional book as they take office, a copy of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

            The day they come for my guns I realize I may very well die, BUT I WILL NOT DIE ALONE!!!!!!

  14. Joe Clark says:

    Life is complicated, It is difficult to understand all the above topics if you have not lived through them. There are soldiers (who have served in war), there are survivors (who have survived a war….on their own land), and then there is Intellectual, very knowledgeable but not very experienced in the ways of war (being a Pog doesn’t count). They learn about the world through the teaching of others and are thus, molded into the tools which their masters desire.

  15. Joshua says:

    And it was the communist Vietnamese who finally overthrew the Pol Pot regime, but i guess that doesn’t fit your “anti-communist” narrative. Also, the dude in the photo looks like some idiot frat boy visiting the zoo, get that stupid smirk off your face and maybe I’ll take your rant seriously…

    • SSD says:

      Well, the Vietnamese also fought the Chinese and the Chinese have fought the Russians, so Commies killing Commies just means more dead Commies and not a vindication of the ideology.

  16. joe b. says:

    you already demonstrated, that you have no intent using the 2nd amendment to protect yourself from corrupt, abusive government.
    you didn’t do so during the obama regime when we were convinced that he’s a nazi, mulsim, commy and whatnot. or when he passed the n.d.a.a. that allows indefinite detention. nor did you do ANYTHING when we learned that the/his government is unconstitutionally spying on us, the us citizens. you haven’t acted against police officers that are routinely seizing the assets of americana citizens that have never been charged with a crime or when they are killing innocent people when they accidentally raiding the wrong home. nor have you risen against the tsa’s grotesque gropings while they consistently violate the 4th amendment.
    just a few of the ongoing violations under the recent government that you could cite if you were serious about taking down the tyrants threatening your freedom.

  17. HLF says:

    The Khmer Rouge was supported and backed by the US, Britain, and their allies, with notable supporters like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, because they believed Khmer Rouge being a “key to stability in the region” for being an enemy of their enemy: the Vietnamese communists.

    These people knew Pol Pot was not communist. But they would still brand him and the Khmer Rouge communist whenever convenient, as for example when condemning their crimes in media, since it would add to the anti-communist hysteria and help their narrative of communists being an “evil genocidal menace”

    Now with that out of the way, I own about 45k USD worth of guns and I’m not saying the second amendment is bad, just that this piece could have been a bit more factually accurate.

  18. Turd Ferguson says:

    tHaT WaSnT rEAL CoMmUnIsM