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Samson Manufacturing Adds a New Finish for Its’ Most Popular Handguard

Samson Manufacturing, a leader in firearm accessories, introduces a new finish for their M-LOK SXS Series 15″ and 12″ handguards.

Responding to public demand, Samson will now be producing versions of their handguards in Type III Class 1 Anodized Pre-Ban Gray.

“The difference between Class 1 and Class 2 hardcoat anodizing is the removal of the black dye.

Our Type III Class 1 finish results in a light gray color that is both distinctive and visually pleasing” said Samson spokesperson Dave Biggers.

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5 Responses to “Samson Manufacturing Adds a New Finish for Its’ Most Popular Handguard”

  1. Gerard says:

    Dave Biggers used to be with Tactical Response. Im glad to see him moving up in the industry

  2. Kit Badger says:

    Someone else is finally taking a cue from, well, Q. The Honey Badger and The Fix are both 2 tone because they don’t add pigment to the anodizing. This creates the strongest possible coating, significantly thicker.

    And the 2 tone comes in with the 2 different types of aluminum being coated. Each metal, 6061/7075, has it’s own color when anodized.

    • Gerard says:

      That I didnt know

      • Sean says:

        Nor did I, thanks for the info Kit Badger.

        • Kit Badger says:

          And knowing is half the battle… G.I. Joe! For reals though, my mind was blown when I found that out. In my deep dive videos I did on The Fix Rifle by Q, they told me that.

          Big picture for them was being driven to create the strongest coating possible on their weapons. Knowing that the end user (Mil units with the Honey Badger) was going to be rattle canning the gun for missions anyway.

          Additionally, “Black” is really hard to consistently do. That is why when you look at different components, you have 1k shades of “black”.