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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Centurion Shorts

Introducing the latest addition to the FirstSpear technical apparel line, the Centurion Short.


Designed for Every Day Carry, Walking the Dog or Standing Around Holding a Beer, these shorts are sized using the same grade as current military uniforms.


Some of the unique comfort features used in the 100% US Manufacture Centurion Short include Nano Glide Stretch Mesh Pockets for comfort and quick dry, an integrated low-profile belt system that uses customized BioThane Webbing and Jam Lock buckle to let you roll with our without your trusty Line 1 Belt.


Removable Poron Foam inserts on your left and right inside hip let you carry your Pistol, Knife or Phone On The Belt with total comfort. Side pockets on the Centurion are made of 520 Stretch Fabric and are sized to accommodate Folding Knives, common pistol magazines and similar items.


Slightly off color threat enhances some specific pattern elements and 100% US Made with 100% US Materials.


Currently offered in S – XXL in FS Sand. Available for order, the shorts ship next week!


15 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Centurion Shorts”

  1. Jeff S says:

    $106? Sweet damn…

    You guys can’t even play the, “go through XYZ selection and just get them issued if you’re gonna complain about the price,” card in this case.

    I’m sure they’re fantastic quality and what not – but about 2x my price range for Every Day Carry, Walking the Dog or Standing Around Holding a Beer.

    • SSD says:

      What are shorts? Short pants.

      All of the cost is in the waist area. Anything from the knee down is just extra material and a little bit of labor.

      • Snell says:

        Ok there is a time to pay for quality and a time to be realistic. If you work on guns get the best screwdrivers you can get, if you use them to pry open paint cans then the dollar store specials are fine. $106 for shorts? Walmart has them for $15 that are plenty fine for walking the dog and hold an LCP in the front pocket. Plus they have sexy cargo pockets to drive the women wild.

        • SSD says:

          Then wear Walmart stuff, if that works for you. But don’t come and complain that an American company, which makes gear to protect Americans, offers a product you can’t afford.

  2. Gerard says:

    Not cheap but worth it, details matter. Mesh pockets I love for warm weather. And removable padded inserts at the hip for gun carry is Brillant!

  3. Wazza says:

    Bring back short shorts !!!

  4. Ken Galbraith says:

    Every single thing I have from First Spear is of top-shelf quality and 100% Made in the USA. Quality and attention to detail come with a price tag. Additionally…the folks that run First Spear are some of the very best people in the business.

  5. Marcus says:

    FS always puts a lot of thought into their designs, uses the best materials and their products always last longer than most.

    I would only state Check your sizing before ordering. Their large starts at a 34 for you fat asses :-)

  6. SamHill says:

    I am in need of some new shorts, those look sweet. Kind of long, but look awesome otherwise.

  7. AbnMedOps says:

    Gangsta-length, ugh. I’ll continue to rock my 7″ Patagonia “stand-ups”. (I heard someone’s ATL rocked even shorter shorts back in Rhodesia!)