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Mounts Plus – M240 Bullet Bag

Officially called the Balanced Ammunition Delivery System (B.A.D.S.), it will work with the FN MAG/M-240 and the German MG3 machine guns.

BADS accommodates up to 125 rounds of ammo to be easily loaded by the gunner within ten seconds while in a standing or sitting position. This increased ammo capacity enables the gunner to engage the target for up to 150% more time on target while on assault, on patrol, or in a hasty defensive position without a need to change the ammo box. Rather than placing the weight of the ammunition to the side of the weapon, BADS puts less stress on the operator and the M240 system. Additionally, unlike legacy ammo boxes, the ammunition deflection plate ensures spent cartridges are ejected away from the gunner.


7 Responses to “Mounts Plus – M240 Bullet Bag”

  1. lcpl1066 says:

    “puts less stress on the operator” “This increased ammo capacity” Can’t have both of these with a 240. Hope your element PTs.

    • SSD says:

      Way to quote out of context!

    • Emuactual says:

      Salty boot detected @lcpl1066. Let’s have a look at the weight of 125 rounds of 7.62 link. A lot of militaries still utilise the Mag58/240 with an assistant gunner. In terms of carriage and with fire and movement. I think potentially it could make life easier for the gunner. I like how the expent carriages and link are ejected away from the Gun. Lets see how it goes with some user trials before hanging shit on a concept. My gunner would never carry over 200-400 rounds. Share the love with rounds across the section, because you’re only as fast as your slowest guy. I get what your saying though about adding weight to gunner though.

  2. Marcus says:

    What about the added weight? Is that a factor and are there any concerns with more rounds vs pounds? The 240 already ain’t the lightest MG around. Also- do you lose any flexibility when prone?

  3. Jay says:

    So the question I have is what about carrying the 240b with the mouting bracket (M192) on the gun? If memory serves usually going to tripod as quickly as possible is a priority for a 240b, is it not?

  4. Lasse says:

    Don’t 240 gunners have an AG that has a belt ready by the time you’re done with the initial 50 rounds? Because that’s how we roll with the MG3.

  5. Chairborne says:

    100 rounds of linked 7.62 is 7 or 8 lbs. This would shift a bit of the balance from the gunner’s back to their gun. The 240 is a crew served weapon, so yes the AG is attached to the gunner’s hip just praying that he can link some of his rounds into the gun and get that weight off his back. Gunner typically patrols with 50 or 100 rounds on the gun (depending on if they use the nutsack or not) and some additional rounds in their ruck.

    Also looks like there is room to mount the pintle. Gunner patrols with the pintle attached, so the gun can just be dropped onto the tripod. The question then, is if this supersized nutsack is flexible enough to swing out of the way when dropping onto the tripod. Also, does this nutsack rip open to let the AG link in his rounds like the 50 rounder does? Gotta keep the beast fed.