The IDF Is Now Looking To Adopt Camouflage Uniforms

Israeli Camo

The IDF Technological and Logistics Directorate, in association with IDF Ground Forces, has just stated a pilot program to select a new camouflage field uniform. Up until this point, IDF uniforms were issued in OD Green, but “operational considerations and “camouflage simulations” drove the decision to opt for a camouflaged uniform.

Several hundred troops, from units within the Airborne Basic Training base, Bardelas co-ed infantry unit, 8200 Intelligence unit, and others are testing new uniforms, which consists of two separate camouflage variants in use with 3 shirt styles and 1 combat pant style. The uniforms feature rank, flag, unit, and combat solider patches, and are made of “advanced” breathable wicking fabrics.

Interestingly, MultiCam, a standard camouflage choice of US and Allied forces deployed in the Middle East region, was determined as not a good fit for Israeli terrain; while Southern Israel is vastly arid, Northern Israel, along with Southern Lebanon and Syria, is green and wooded.

Credit to Agilite Gear for breaking the story. You can check out the post on their blog here.

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20 Responses to “The IDF Is Now Looking To Adopt Camouflage Uniforms”

  1. Brendan Fries says:

    Interesting, Israeli was one of the last hold outs of the solid color combat uniform. It always seemed like it worked pretty well too, when you add at the gear and helmet and boots they were a sort of mismatched green/brown blog at the end from a distance. Always thought we should have the epaulets like they do if we were gonna rock the beret. Tried putting mine under my class B’s epaulet once, that didn’t go well.

    • B G says:

      I was in the IDF.

      The current uniform idea is too small of a step for the army. Fibrotex had the right idea with making a Crye style combat uniform that was reversible for each terrain style. This current style with extra pockets and gadgets on the torso is exactly what the modern war fighter was trying to move away from.

      As for solid OD. The fabric on our uniforms picks up dirt really well, thus creating better camoflage than man can draw or paint up

  2. OkieRim says:

    This should be good? Or maybe, they just pick one and stick with it?

  3. Anibal Perez says:

    Now what will the “the US doesn’t need camo, bring back OD Green, the Israelis don’t need it” trolls do now?

  4. Gerard says:

    Im amazed the IDF waited so long to dump their OD green uniforms, better late than never

  5. FrontalLobe says:

    Why? I still wish the US would go back to solids

  6. Joe says:

    So multicam is great for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Poland, and a host of other randoms to include Russians but is just the worst for Israel?

    • BS. Multicam works here better than anything I’ve seen tested over the years. Somebody is pushing his own patterns. There is no better universal pattern in my opinion. P.S. I’m from Israel.

  7. 32sbct says:

    Is it just me or does the pattern on the right in the photo remind you of the colors used on Army UCP? That pattern blends with nothing in the photo. I hope they go with the one on the left given the two choices.

  8. Eddie says:

    I bet Fibrotex is going to get the contract for the new camouflage, they’ve gotten stuff submitted and approved for the Special Forces there. Hope they do something unique like their oversuits and mitznefets.

  9. STEPAN1983 says:

    Uniform cut is still crap even after upgrade. This guys make great weapons and weapon upgrades, nylon gear, camo patterns, but clothing design – this country is doomed. They even managed to fail in making CP combat pant/shirt analog

  10. Adun says:

    Honestly, they could get away with designing their own shade of coyote brown based off of various soil samples in the country and issue that to the southern troops. I can’t say I would have preferred either of these uniforms to the OD green ones that I had to wear out there.

    For example, why not make the combat uniform more distinct from the Alephs that people wear off base and remove the epaulets? Those buttons could really start to dig into your shoulders when doing stretcher carries and the like.

    I also think the reason why they got rid of Multicam, is because Israel very much wants to produce its uniform completely in house, and relying on a non-Israeli pattern would hurt their pride. The country is very stubborn in preferring Israeli made solutions, even when there are better foreign options. In some ways it protects them in case there is a falling out with a foreign country, but in other ways it just hurts their soldiers.

    • STEPAN1983 says:

      I wonder why IDF issued Cordura is so greenish OD when uniforms has much better coyoty OD shade? Is there any special purpose for that?

      • Adun says:

        I think it has to do with the material itself in terms of how it absorbs die, as well as the fact that the materials aren’t manufactured by the same factories. There is a decent amount of variety between vest manufacturer colors as well. The Dolphin vests are more green than whoever manufactured the generally issued combat vests back in 2010-2012 for example which are more “OD”.

        I personally like the “burnt” OD green as I have always called it. The shade really fades well to its environment too.

        One question I always had, was what was the exact composition of the current uniforms? I don’t think they are all cotton, but they don’t feel like much of a blend either. It feels like wearing pajamas after a time though. We definitely had issues with the uniforms not drying out quickly enough when transitioning from long marches to stationary periods in training though.

  11. Steve Marcus says:

    Here’s today’s new word in Hebrew for you: “hantareesh”; it means “bullshit”. This is bullshit, pure and simple. Israel has been using the same cotton uniform for decades and it works just fine.

    The gun and the LBE are where the money should be put, the uniform is just fine for us. When I posted this article on several farcebook pages for (fellow) IDF vets, the response has been universal and are in agreement with me.

    By the way, there is no such thing as “OD green”, olive drab IS a shade of green. That’s like saying “orangey-orange”. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

    Steve Marcus
    IDF s/n 4383858

    • Adun says:

      The reason why people say OD green, is because if you just called it OD a lot of people wouldn’t understand that you were referring to a color.

      Also, while the uniform generally works pretty well, it is still an outdated cut with some features that do not lend themselves well to a combat uniform (epaulets for example). Additionally, cotton works well in the desert, but it also leaves troops in wet uniforms for extended periods due to how long it takes for the cotton to dry out.

      You can’t tell me that you didn’t have to hang your shirt up in a tree to let it air out while you slept, only to wake up and it still be soaked. That sucked. Not to mention how many of the uniforms would rip in the crotch due to a lack of reinforcement, etc.

  12. Rayforest says:

    Not sure what all the fuss is about. The OD green is the perfect uniform. Fit and cut is excellent. Has been for years. Have never come across a girls of the IDF type post? I’m not sure those baggie Cammies in the photos are a good idea for Israel or the rest of us

  13. rrossouw says:


    This color scheme should be OK, but would do better with a bit more contrast between the 2 mid colors.

    Looks like Spanish style MultiCAM, rounded corner pixel knock off in 4 colors.
    Seems they’ve clumped dark and light pixels in some kind of attempt to create blobs (as seen on the chest area) – seems to be too sparse to be of any real use.

    They could have done much better.