TAC SHIELD Introduces The 1.75″ Cobra Riggers Belt

Pinehurst, NC – TAC SHIELD® has introduced the latest in every day carry and survival solutions, The Cobra® Riggers 1.75” Belt. The double lever Cobra® Buckle is rated at 2,000 lbs. The double wall 7,000 lb. webbing provides the strength needed while offering a comfortable soft edge design that doesn’t dig into your sides. The forged steel V-Ring buckles are load tested at 2,500 lbs. giving the user peace of mind during emergency situations. Belts are designed with strong hook and loop for fast and secure sizing adjustment with a trim finish.

TAC SHIELD® belts are proven in the battlefields around the globe by American Warfighters and are available from many leading Tactical Sport and Military Retailers across the country. All products are backed with a Lifetime Warranty by people you can trust!

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4 Responses to “TAC SHIELD Introduces The 1.75″ Cobra Riggers Belt”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Are these rated as life saving equipment?

    • Will says:

      I don’t suspect that they are going to rate this as life saving equipment. There are parachute rigger standards that require, if memory serves, “Level 7 sewing” that achieves a certain standard. This sort of construction requires a certain stitch pattern, with specific webbing, with very robust thread in order to achieve that sewing standard. Beyond that, I don’t know what it takes to achieve “life saving equipment” standard. I can speak as a prior “rigger belt” manufacturer that the juice wasn’t worth the insurance liability squeeze to call it much more than a feature rich trouser belt… even after we took it to third party strength testing and felt good about it.

      • Darkhorse says:

        Anyone who uses any form of QD on a device intended to restrain you is a moron.

        These QD’s can unbuckle with normal wear and use.

        “Travel Restraint” is how these types of devices are rated, NOT for rappelling or any sort of fall arrest.

        While a QD might be rated, and the webbing might be rated, and the correct sewing machines, stitching, and thread utilized all rated, take the correct approach and do not use for anything other than a belt.

  2. Will says:

    In an effort not to sound like a snarky internet tough guy…cause I ain’t…

    Who cares?

    Again, not being an internet tough guy, but there’s eleven-ty-teen companies out there that make this exact belt, or some variation of it… some even more feature rich. Absolutely not judging the company or their products and I will standby for them to hopefully speak to the product and what sets it apart.