Raptor Tactical Athena – Antenna Relocation Kit

Offered in conjunction with Disco 32, the Raptor Tactical Athena – Antenna Relocation Pouch, allows you to place your antenna where you want it on your kit, up to 24″ away from your radio.


• Proper RF Connectors for your radio

• Raptor Tactical Athena Relocation Pouch

• Hardened cable with abrasion resistant sheathing

• Elastic for the antenna whip

• Available in Multicam, Coyote, Ranger Green, Black

• Made in USA



3 Responses to “Raptor Tactical Athena – Antenna Relocation Kit”

  1. Jackson says:

    Looks good; but the MAST from Safariland is literally 1/3 the cost for most options for the same functionality.

    • rlb0311 says:

      It’s actually cheaper than the MAST by like 5 bucks. That $215 includes the antenna. If you click no antenna it’s $65. I have a Disco 32 version and really like it.

      • Torch says:

        And supporting soldier run, small business who builds these because he’s a primary user. Win win!