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Warrior East 18 – Norotos Improved Situationally Adjustable Mount

Norotos unveiled their new Improved Situationally Adjustable Mount (I-SAM). It can be used in stand alone mode or as an adapter to other mounts.


Originally developed for an international client’s specific Night Vision Device, Norotos modified the I-SAM to accept other, more common systems. For instance, they’ve developed a completely new J Arm which is more compact, lighter, and stronger.


The secret is the clamp adapter which provides interface between device and Mount.

Additionally, they offer a clamp adapter interface for existing PVS-7s. This is particularly effective for 7s which are missing the mounting horn. Many LE organizations still have these devices, so this may be a good fit.


The I-SAM allows a PVS-14 to instantly be swapped from left eye to right eye and even stowed out of the way. Tension is operator adjustable and infinitely adjustable, with no presets, allowing for optimal customization.


One Response to “Warrior East 18 – Norotos Improved Situationally Adjustable Mount”

  1. B_Rawrd says:

    Good to see the old 7Ds getting some love!