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SCUBAPRO Sunday – Jet Fins

This famous fin, with its durable rubber construction and distinctively beefy shape, has been seen on dive boats, research vessels and in the world’s most remote dive locales since 1965, and it’s still the fin of choice among a host of professional divers the world over. The Jet Fin set the standard for power and durability when it was ?rst introduced over 50 years ago. Today, tech divers, deep divers, military divers, commercial divers and dive instructors, as well as old-school recreational divers, still strap on a pair of Jet Fins before hitting the water.
SCUBAPRO sold over 100,000 units in the first few years. That was an amazing feat in those days and set the standard for dive fins. We took the concept and proceeded to popularize the fin with the US Navy and other commercial diving operations. The fact that Jet Fins have been almost exclusively adopted by the Navy and the commercial diving sector speaks volumes about what type of diver would benefit from them – someone who needs thrust, durability, control and convenience. Its hard to not like a fin that Thomas Magnum and TC used when they dove on Magnum PI. Just saying.

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-Rubber construction is known for its durability, promising a lifetime of use. The Jet Fins are molded from one piece of rubber which makes them very durable and vertically indestructible. This will cut down on any maintenance that you will have to do on the fins, or the likely hood that you might damage them, meaning you will have them for many years to come. Jet Fins are made by using only one single compound which is rubber, molded in one piece and therefore unable to have “component failure” being as there are no screws, welds or connections to break as happens so often with modern fins. The Jet Fins are also flexible enough to provide excellent thrust, stiff enough to transfer all the diver’s leg energy into pushing the water backwards and robust enough to take literally any harsh conditions a diver can throw at it.

-The Proven vented design. Just below the foot-pocket, allows water to flow through the blade, reducing drag on the weaker upstroke, while enhancing trust and power on the down stroke. Many divers have their pair of SCUBAPRO jet fins for decades and literally swear by them. They are perfect for the frog kick and other kicking maneuvers.

-The Jet fin is also very compact. This feature is a must in confined spaces like cave, wreck divers and piers. The Jet Fins are broad and short, which means divers, are able to avoid kicking each other and the ocean floor.

The Jet fin comes in, black, camo, red, orange, yellow, white green and pink. We can also make special orders if needed.


-The jet fins weighing about 5-7 lbs, and might not be suited for all divers but Mention “JET FIN” to virtually anybody who has a dive card or has gone to a military dive school and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. (I know memories of flutter kicks with them on, are running thru your head)

SCUBAPRO now offers two styles of Jet fins and two versions of heel straps.



The original adjustable fin strap and the stainless steel spring heel. The original fin with the standard adjustable fins strap is still Made in the USA. The other version comes with a rugged stainless-steel spring heel strap that can lasts forever and makes donning and doffing as easy as can be. The steel spring was invented by cave divers that needed a fin strap that could last in some of the toughest places on earth and was quickly adopted by the military and other professional divers worldwide. The spring can be put on any of the jet fins.

SCUBAPRO has two styles of Jet fins available. With or without a hole on the blade. Each fin includes a pairing hole that allows the fins to be hung or stored together, minimizing the possibility of misplaced or mismatched fins. It also make coming out of the water on a beach or climbing a ladder easier. You can also attach the fins to you wrists or back with the SCUBAPRO fin keepers or carbineer and 550 cord will work.



The Jets are renown for its power and its durability. They can last a life time and with proper care. They don’t really get sun damaged, salt eroded, chlorine discolored, travel battered, coral gouged or split. They are the strongest pieces of equipment that you will ever own. We had a retired master Diver that wanted to get a new pair as the ones that he had received in navy dive school in the 60s where getting a” little old” as he said. He called SCUBAPRO and asked about buying a new set. We told him we would give him a free pair. We asked if we could put the ones he has in our museum. He gave us a very polite “hell no I am not giving away my Jet fins”. We gave him a new set and he when home a happy man with two pairs of Jet fins.

When you’re diving with JET FINS, you are diving into a long line of history.


11 Responses to “SCUBAPRO Sunday – Jet Fins”

  1. rob says:

    Guys for an advertisement… those are some really low resolution photos jesus.

    • rearmount says:

      Haha right? I believe the OTB picture is from a Matbock photoshoot for their 2017 catalog.

  2. Lightfighter says:

    “vertically indestructible” vs virtually indestructible; ‘likely hood’ vs likelihood; “weighing” vs weigh in; and handfuls of other grammatical errors that are just too depressing to list….

    SCUBAPRO, please pay as much attention to your press releases as you do to making your fins.

    • PPGMD says:

      Also the second picture of the carry hole is of a person using Seawing Novas.

      • joe says:

        You know what is funny? The fact that instead of saying ya I like those fins or I don’t. You guys all just talk about the pictures and the grammar. I am sure that this article was spell checked. But It probably went from a mac to a pc or a pc to a mac and something go changed. I love that no one ever has a good comment. So the pictures didn’t come out great when they got transferred. As for the pictures the last one has the MATBOCK skins on it that didn’t come out until this year so it cant be last years catalog and I think the guy is talking about how you can use the hole and hang them on your wrist, not the fins. SO you guys go stand in line at starbucks and order your 3 pump half fat no fat decafe whatever.

        • PPGMD says:

          I transfer documents from Mac to PC and even between mobile devices all the time, the content doesn’t change. The formatting sometimes does, but never the actual content.

          Personally I have nothing negative to say about Jet Fins, nor do they excite me enough to gush over. They are the Glock 19 of fins.

        • Lightfighter says:

          You know what’s NOT funny? When hardworking people on the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution teams have their efforts disrespected by marketing and management teams that don’t care enough to post quality press releases… Of course, shit happens and nothing’s perfect but ultimately this speaks to integrity and care. And no one cares if I ‘like’ the fins or not because the fins have proved themselves over time. But perhaps a gentle kick in the ass might inspire management to do better on their marketing — that’s the point.

          • joe says:

            One wrong word and that is all you guys get out of it. I like how the people in marketing cant have a bad day or it disrespects the working man. It’s a mistake. That was my point, this isn’t national geographic. ( no offense EG) It’s a blog. mistakes happen.

            • SSD says:

              You’re right. The funny thing is, I doubt anyone who got all worked up over the typos is a civilian diver, let alone a combat diver.

              • Lightfighter says:

                You’re right Eric, you got me, I’m neither a Frogman nor a combat diver. But even so, it’s common knowledge that a Frogman knows how and when to cut corners… Unfortunately, for the writer, the time to cut corners is not on a globally accessible blog post that represents the brand that’s hired them. And it remains an issue in Scubapro’s following branded post… something that the people at Johnson Outdoors would not dig because they run a very tight ship, so to speak.

  3. CM says:

    US Divers/Aqualung Rocket II fins are a great fin.