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9/11 Remembered – The Toll

Reading the timeline each year is a sobering experience, but it doesn’t matter what time of year I look at the images from that day.   They haunt me. There were 2996 immediate deaths on September 11th, 2001.  There were people who cheered that day, celebrating an attack on America.  But it wasn’t just an attack on us. It was an attack on the world, with victims from over 90 countries.  And those countries came together in the wake of the attack to bring those behind it to justice.

9/11 isn’t over.  Victims and rescuers alike suffer life threatening medical conditions due to the exposure to toxins during the attacks and continue to succumb to these lingering wounds.

And then, there’s the war. It doesn’t end. In the ensuing 17 years we’ve definitely taken the fight to the enemy and even cut their head off a time or two. The names change, but they remain enemies of freedom.  We must secure our future.

Even now, the world is faced with the threat of a resurgent Islamic fundamentalism that targets our ideals in both word and deed. We must oppose them in every case, lest our efforts thus far, be in vain.

Never Forgive, Never Forget


18 Responses to “9/11 Remembered – The Toll”

  1. Joe_K says:

    Eric, with all due respect to you, and the solemnity of the day, from all the information I’ve seen there were 2,977 victims, the higher number comes from adding the 19 terrorists.

  2. Joe_K says:

    The greatest tragedy, is your continued failure to use the English language and a keyboard correctly.

    • Ed says:

      Joe, who is that directed to?? this should be a place to post condolences and faith to continue on, not insult someone who is carrying on that remembrance of resiliency after tragedy.

    • Strike-Hold says:

      The greater tragedy is that you have access to a keyboard, a computer, and the world wide web…

    • Joe_K says:

      This was a reply to an idiotic comment that thankfully was deleted, please delete my comment above.

  3. TB_MS says:

    There is no one the events of 9/11 didn’t impact in our generation anywhere in the civilized world. For all time. Just think of what the definition of the word ‘Terrorist’ evolved to in the past 2 decades. Condolences to all who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice in support of the free world.

    Joe_K – show your respect. If grammar of editorial comments made by the Industries Best Daily Response Post are more concerning to you than the ripple effects of this event, then you need to check your priorities.

    SSD – This is about one of the only corners of the internet that has continuously relevant information every day. Keep up the Fight and appreciate the breadth of content such as posts like this.

    • Joe_K says:

      I am showing respect, respect to the innocent lives taken, hero’s that selflessly paid the ultimate sacrifice, including the 19 hijackers in the death toll is not fitting. When we remember those lost at Pear Harbor we, as a Nation do not mention the Japanese Air crewman, Pilots, and Submariners that died on that fateful day.

      • Ed says:

        I was being polite before, but you seriously need to take your meds or up them! I can vouch for all of us here that no one GAF about the “badguys” who participated in 9/11.

        • Joe_K says:

          Including their numbers in the total is akin to including SS guards that also died in the camps.

          • Ed says:

            Are you really that much of a retarded POS that you never made a typo. F*NKN read!

            Oh wait! My bad, I got it now fellas, He thought the title up above was “Remembered – the TROLL” You got me good you little Focker!!!

              • Ed says:

                LOl! You really must be retarded!!!

                Let me break it down barney style.

                Me: Are you a retarded POS! I reference “fellas” (the other people on the forum, not you!)

                Title of post: “9/11 Remembered – The Toll”

                My sarc spin on the title: “Remembered – The Troll”

                You: “The Troll”

                Get it now dipshit??

      • Chuck says:

        Um, Joe… since you went after SS’s keyboard use and English language skills, I’d like to point out to you that it’s actually Pearl Harbor, not Pear.

        Thanks for playing.

        • Joe_K says:

          Never went after SS’s keyboard if English skills, that comment was directed at a comment that has since been deleted wherein someone was attempting to compare Iraqis killed during GWOT with those lost on 9/11. Which is why I asked for my comment at THAT comment be deleted.

          • SSD says:

            Joe is correct. Occasionally, I delete comments. It was a rambling outburst of blaming civilian deaths in Iraq with the events of 9/11.

            Sadam Hussein was to blame for that. The UN agreed for over a decade that something would have to be done. Eventually, it was. That drastically simplifies the situation, but those facts remain true.

  4. Strike-Hold says:

    That was in reply to Joe_K of course…

  5. SSD says:

    I was a 33 year old Captain on 11 September. I served in the ensuing war. One of my daughters has served in the war and one of my sons has enlisted in the Air Force. If he is successful in achieving his goal, he’ll also serve in this war. We’re dedicated to seeing this thing through.

    I’m sorry I hurt your feelings for not writing the story the way you want.