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MDM 18 – Arbor Arms Tradesmen SALT Belt System

Arbor Arms is another, small Veteran owned company making their first appearance at Modern Day Marine.

While they are displaying numerous products, we haven’t mentioned their Tradesmen Segmented Adaptive Lasercut Trio (SALT) Belt System before. Like the name says, it’s a three component system, consisting of:

1 the Keeper belt (worn on the pants  with loop Velcro to mate the molle sleeve),

2  the Core Cobra belt (this both holds the Sleeve on and provides base for 1 3/4? belt loop attachments ie; holsters and water wings)

3 the  Sleeve (mates to keeper belt, allows for molle attachment and wraps around  Core Cobra belt)

The Keeper belt, which uses a G-hopk closure, can be worn as the base of the system or stand alone as an every day belt.

Atop the Keeper belt is the Core Cobra belt. It is made from type 13 webbing and an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle. They also sew in a soft loop for safety lanyards.

Finally is the sleeve which wraps around the Core Cobra belt and made from laser-cut Squadron material. It allows the attachment of PALS equipped pouches but is segmented, so sections can be quickly unwrapped without taking the whole thing apart for rapid load adjustment.



3 Responses to “MDM 18 – Arbor Arms Tradesmen SALT Belt System”

  1. b_rawrd says:

    1. You know some veteran Marines just wanted to name their product SALT and then made an acronym fit.

    2. Looks pretty nice in that it wont ride high or bounce when running.

    3. All hail our Velcro overlords. Continue to buy stock in Velcro.

    4. Always found it funny.
    1960s-2000: Wear your gear on your ALICE pistol belt!
    2000-2010: Get rid of that belt and put those pouches on your vest/CR.
    2010-2018: Minimize your PC/CR and put those pouches back on your belt!

    Life goes full circle. 10 years from now it’ll be back onto the plate carrier :)

  2. Jack Griffin says:

    Or try the AWS LAB system… because less is more.