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Revision to Showcase Large-Scale Platform Power Capabilities for Military Vehicles at AUSA

Essex Junction, Vermont (October 5, 2018) – Revision—a world leader in developing advanced integrated soldier systems and power management solutions —will showcase the company’s latest vehicular power management systems at the Association of the U.S. Army’s (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C., from October 8-10. Two platform power solutions will be on display at Revision’s booth 320: the Nerv Centr SWatPack™—modular lithium-ion power cells that make up Revision’s Silent Watch Battery Pack (SWBP)—and the Nerv Centr SWitchPack™—an advanced lithium-ion 6T vehicle battery.

“Revision has been developing these solutions, focusing our efforts to design, engineer, test and certify them with the ultimate goal of reducing sound, weight, and thermal signature while boosting lifespan,” said Revision CEO Jonathan Blanshay. “These innovative vehicle power solutions are built in response to those actively seeking more reliable energy performance, longer runtimes, and superior signature concealment. In developing these energy solutions, and working with leading OEMs, we’ve put some of today’s highest-priority power shortfalls in the crosshairs.”

Revision’s Silent Watch Battery Pack (SWBP) is a modular lithium-ion power platform composed of up to 10 independent 28V, 160Ah modules (SWatPacks), plus a power manager (SMS). Revision can develop customized enclosures to house more or fewer SWatPacks, as needed, as well as to accommodate different attachment methods. Individual SWatPacks are made from seven high-end lithium polymer cells (rather than hundreds of smaller cells, typical of most current systems); fewer connection points means less potential for failure, thus greater reliability and lower lifetime maintenance costs.

Each SWatPack can last up to 6,500 cycles (approximately 10 years), and multiple redundant safety measures have been incorporated. SWBP systems and individual SWatPack cells are available now for global forces.

Revision’s lithium-ion 6T (SWitchPack) engine starter battery—designed to be MIL-PRF-32565 compliant—mounts in vehicle crew compartments. In accordance with U.S. military standards, the SWitchPack battery is designed to meet Type 1 safety standards, but to provide near-Type 3 capacity. SWitchPacks are made from 14 high-end lithium polymer cells, similarly reducing connection points and boosting reliability. Revision has conducted comprehensive preliminary testing and validation of the li-ion 6T SwitchPack, and is currently engaged in Qualified Products List (QPL) qualification. SWitchPack batteries are expected to be in production and available by mid-2019.

Across all these products, one of the chief features is signature concealment, reducing thermal and heat signatures when idle for sustained covert ground operations. This emphasis on stealth and remote operability offers a scaled-up take on Revision’s dismounted power management solutions. Combined with the Nerv Centr SharePack™ and SoloPack™ batteries, the unveiling of these platform power solutions marks Revision’s arrival as a key power provider for both mounted and dismounted warfighters.

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