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Canada’s Leading Manufacturer of Tactical & Sports Gear Announces Expansion to the United States

Available both to consumer and professional markets

TORONTO, October 8, 2018 (Newswire.com) – Only three months after announcing its expansion to the European market with successful results, Canada’s leading manufacturer of tactical and sports products The Requirements Group (TRG) is starting its operations in the United States of America effective immediately.

With its two flagship brands Shadow Elite and Shadow Strategic, TRG will be able to serve both the agency and civilian markets. Having its own factory allows TRG to source and manufacture products the way they are meant to be. Having the ability to regulate strict quality control is what the company prides itself on. Reducing production costs by not outsourcing to third-party factories passes on the savings of premium products to the clients, as well as allowing the company to handle large-scale agency and government contracts.

“The main reason why our brands are so popular with both the professional and consumer end users is because every piece is engineered and tested by veteran and active tactical police and military operators,” says Glen Turpin, retired police officer, tactical expert and co-founder of The Requirements Group (TRG). “Above all, since we are a law enforcement and military veteran owned and operated company, we give a lot back to other veterans.”

Recently, TRG designed a specific style of pants for amputees. TRG has been working with veteran support groups to provide these products to those that can benefit from them. Also, the company is in works of developing an entire philanthropy division to support more injured veterans and active teams in the field.

“The TRG guys have stood on the front lines for years, fighting for our freedom and liberty, protecting our communities the same way those using our products today are. We know the requirements and rigorous demands our men and women in uniform face, so we want to make sure that the last thing they have to worry about is the quality, comfort and safety of the operational gear they are wearing,” says Jake Myers, veteran U.S. Army Combat Veteran and operations manager of TRG in the United States. “We don’t tell them what they should wear; we listen to them and design the gear to meet their requirements. We are one of them. We don’t operate the way other corporations do. Our approach is to treat our customers the way we wanted to be treated while we were active. We are here to provide solutions for them, not just get the sale. When they call our office, they know they will be speaking with one of us. That is the most essential way to get to know your clients and build a relationship with them. Whether our end user is a soldier, a cop, an outdoor enthusiast, active in airsoft community or an athlete, they are an individual and our job is to listen to them, not treat them like a number. They wear our gear, they are part of our family.”

Recently the tactical and sports apparel market has been flooded with low-grade, unreliable products as a result of many manufacturers turning to factories with no experience in tactical products. This move has neglected the end user’s comfort and safety. The Requirements Group (TRG) has been a company trying to turn around the market and deliver to the tactical professionals and outdoors consumers premium products which have been designed and tested by active and veteran tactical police, military and SAR (search & rescue) operators. All the requirements of the products are based on real-life experience of tactical and special forces operators.


7 Responses to “Canada’s Leading Manufacturer of Tactical & Sports Gear Announces Expansion to the United States”

  1. Being fairly familiar with most Canadian companies I had never heard of these guys. On a quick look of their website, I don’t see much innovation as some things are basically a copy of other things.

    Like the HSGI Taco
    Or the Crye Combat Pants

    Which they even quote as “all the features and benefits of their rivals but at a fraction of the cost.”

    • Flex Linear says:

      Same situation and I’ve never heard of them either, no contacts have either. I noticed they’re making some “cutting edge” stuff in fake CADPAT, any serious player would have procured a licence.

      I also love the quasi LBT logo.

    • Norm says:

      I’ve never heard of these guys before this post. with the statement of “faction of the cost” that makes me curious of the quality or durability of their products.

    • Alex says:

      Selling those type of pants with those knee inserts in the USA?

      That’s a bold move, might be asking for more than they can chew.

  2. D308 says:

    I’ve checked out their EI Yote and DBT SOF pack clones. It’s weak sauce.

  3. Horshack says:

    Bros- all us hitters rock this on are door crashing ops! THere customer service rocks to bros! My TL is hoping to outfit all are team in black for nite ops! Hopefully we get are grant money before April when we hit the training hard bros!