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Beyond Launches Kyros System


At Beyond® we are focused on building clothing systems that are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions in the world. We view these systems as a toolset that has been optimized to keep our users safe and comfortable in a multitude of environments and expeditions.


To continue to drive innovation in our product line, we’ve embarked on a global search to find the most technologically advanced fabrics and construction methods the global market has to offer. After rigorous prototyping and development at our Seattle production facility, we are proud to introduce the Kyros™ system.


The Kyros system features the technical knowledge that we’ve established from years of building expedition-capable clothing systems with improvements in styling, fit and finish. The Kyros system features new fabric technologies, durable and lasting DWR coatings, and improvements in ergonomic design. The Kyros system is fully compatible with the established and widely-used flagship Axios™ system and can be used interchangeably as needed. Kyros will help test and identify global industrial capability with the intent of bringing those technologies back to the U.S. Ultimately, the goal of Beyond is to provide the best environmentally protective clothing systems in the world.


The Kyros System launch features 11 pieces including our women’s K5 – Corday jacket, which combines style and warmth with outstanding fit and finish. Other key items in the Kyros System include the K6 – ARX Jacket and Pant which features our proprietary Lutra™ fabric. Lutra is a 3L waterproof, breathable fabric that utilizes Cordura™ yarn to create a highly durable base that surpasses the competition in tear strength. Another standout piece is the K5 – Cappa Coat; designed with an extensive storage system for the creative who works in challenging environments.


To view the entire Kyros System visit:

Available now online or at finer outdoor retailers.


7 Responses to “Beyond Launches Kyros System”

  1. Rodney says:

    Awesome that they used real fur on the women’s jacket!!

  2. I was literally looking last week to see if the stuff using Lutra was out.

  3. kemp says:

    what happened to that cool softshell hoodie with the oversiDd pockets?

  4. Kip says:

    Despite their reputation for quality stuff, I was surprised to see the pricepoint (specifically on the K6 Arx hardshell) given the non-Berry origin. From seeing the OR post about this, I was anticipating a lower pricepoint. Regardless, looks like great stuff!