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Qore Performance Introduces IceVents Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads

Minimalist design is the first plate carrier shoulder pad that is 90% air by volume and weighs the same as a half piece of bread

McLean, VA, JUL. 11, 2018 Introducing IceVents: the plate carrier shoulder pad that can absorb 5000 pounds per square inch.

IceVents Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads are the result of a unique and exclusive collaboration between Qore Performance and Supracor using their proprietary Stimulite Technology. Stimulite is a highly sophisticated, impact-absorbing hexagonal honeycomb thermoplastic elastomer or TPE that is currently used in some of the world’s most advanced aircraft including the F/A-18 Hornet and the 787 Dreamliner.

IceVents can be added to any load bearing gear like plate carriers, backpacks and sling bags; delivering incredible end-user benefits not found anywhere else in the market. The proprietary, omni-directional, hexagonal venting pattern keeps users dry and comfortable all day. The plush honeycomb matrix is 90% air by volume, making it one of the lightest plate carrier shoulder pads on the market today, at just 0.6 ounces or 17 grams (the weight of a first class letter or half a piece of bread).

IceVents wider design, combined with the compressibility of the hexagonal honeycomb, distributes applied force across a broader area resulting in increased comfort and decreased fatigue over long periods of time under load. The air-dominant architecture of IceVents are impossible to tear by hand, but can be trimmed with scissors or a sharp blade for a custom fit.

Inherently anti-microbial, IceVents naturally reduce odor and maintenance while improving hygiene. Mild soap and water can be used to wash IceVents if needed.

A single 36” length of Back2Back is included with each pair of IceVents for end-user configurable plate carrier/pack mounting and cord/tube management. @GarandThumb designed the communications cord integration.

1. Minimalist construction
2. Nylon Mesh Top Covering for frictionless plate carrier or pack interface
3. Open-cell hexagonal honeycomb architecture for maximum ventilation
4. Cannot retain water, moisture
5. Fits: IcePlate Safety Vest, minimalist plate carriers and leading backpacks like the Vertx EDC Gamut, Haley Strategic Partners FlatPack and FlatPack Plus as well as most leading outdoor backpacks
6. Each pair of IceVents Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads come with 1 x 36″ Back2Back for cord management/comms integration, allowing end-users to cut lengths specific to their plate carrier or pack
7. Dimensions: 10.25″ x 3.125″ x 0.25″
8. U.S. and International Patents Pending

IceVents are available exclusively at

For more information, contact the Qore Performance Sales Team at or 703.755.0724.

Instagram: @QorePerformance

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