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Not your father’s MARCH belt.

Over the past year, CRO has been developing a scalable and modular load-carriage system for medics. The system is designed to scale up or down based on mission set and is the latest in a product line designed exclusively for the ground medic. See more at CROMEDICALGEAR.COM

The MARCH Belt was designed to work on the CRO Gunfighter™ Belt, a very well made inner/outer gun belt featuring horizontal and vertical PALs to allow for scaling the pouches based on need. The belt is extremely rigid and holds in place for extended wear.

In addition to the CRO Gunfighter™ Belt, The MARCH Belt is sold with five pouches and two tourniquet covers. The Small and Medium Gen Med pouches have CRO’s signature bungee retention panel with vertical pockets to allow customization. They are designed to open flat or be set to open at varying degrees depending on the medic’s preference. The rear pouch is a tear-away design and features the same inside setup as the Hybrid IFAK™.

This versatile product promotes the necessity of working off the body to deliver as many advanced interventions as possible in the shortest amount of time. This is a step forward towards dropping the med bag all-together.

The MARCH Belt will be available on GSA and other DoD contract vehicles in the coming weeks. For more information please visit cromedicalgear.com or email operator@cromedicalgear.com.

3 Responses to “CRO MARCH Belt”

  1. paul says:

    Nice. Guys have been doing this for years so it’s good to see a complete system for those that prefer to work from their belt. However, I don’t think guys will drop the aid bag altogether – as always, METTC.

    • miclo18d says:

      This has been an interesting thread I have been watching for years.

      Me and another team medic came up with this idea on our own (not saying we were the first, we had some M203 ammo belts made a few years earlier and that inspired the med belt for us) in Afghanistan in 2006. We had them locally manufactured thru our terps.

      The belt had a pouch for gloves, an airway pouch with ET equipment and cricket kit, a blow out kit with various bandages, hemostats, and tourniquets, and an IV pouch.

      It went on below the body armor and allowed us to leave out aidbags on vehicles when they weren’t far away, so that we could be assaulters and handle life threatening wounds for short periods of time while someone got our bags.

      I ended up later in the deployment putting my pistol on the belt and off of my chest plate where it annoyed me.

      Nice to see how far this concept has come.

  2. Robert Hanna says:

    Outstanding designs from a brilliant company. Keep it up!