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This coming year 2019, a few Green Berets, will be competing in the Grand Traverse Ski Race. The Ski race is a 40-mile race from Crested Butte Colorado to Aspen through the Elk Mountains with roughly a seven-thousand-foot elevation change. We are not doing this for ourselves, we want to raise awareness for our extended family, The Green Beret Regiment. We are raising funds/ awareness for WIA and KIA Green Berets and their families throughout the Nation. Far too often Green Berets are sent to combat operations that the regular populace is unaware about, themselves along with their families are left without help when something goes wrong. We have started a fundraising campaign to donate the money to the Green Beret Association. Please take the time to look at our Instagram page, @SKI4theFALLEN, or our Facebook page, Skifor Thefallen, to follow us along out fundraising campaign. You can donate to the campaign at our gofundme account
For a better understanding of the Green Beret Association please click the link:
For more information on the Grand Traverse Ski Race please click this link to watch this short video.

A 40 mile ski race is no comparison to all of our brothers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for taking the time to read this, all donations are greatly appreciated.

Ski4theFallen Team
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4 Responses to “Ski4theFallen”

  1. naso says:

    Good luck, I’ll check out your sites. Hope avy conditions are favorable this year. FWIW, don’t carry too much, after a fun up&down@Star Pass it’s a slog to the top of Aspen: ~13mi of nordic terrain in your rando gear.

  2. G1E says:

    I’ll look for them and thanks for covering The Elk Mt Grand Traverse…it’s the closest to the Patrouille des Glaciers or the Edelweiss Challenge we have. I love that race, a midnight start from a crazy party into pristetine landscape at high altitude… oh yeah!

    Hope it’s not a Great Reverse…

  3. corsair says:

    Awesome event. Interesting that more and more ultra runners are getting into this type of activity, as training by running only, all-season long, is proving to be hazardous to one’s health.