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Ground Hammer Beer

Spilling Blood in the Same Mud Since 1917.

This year saw the launch of Ground Hammer Beer in Hereford. The brand hopes to release stateside at Ft Bragg NC in early 2019, with the help of some SOF friends over there.

They brew traditional British beers made with American hops. It’s a tribute to over 100 years of standing side by side with their American cousins.

Proceeds from each beer sold go towards The SAS Regimental Association, who support the welfare of both soldiers and their families. Registered Charity No. 254393

They are looking for outlets and bars who’d like to stock it and put funds back into great causes.


2 Responses to “Ground Hammer Beer”

  1. MRC says:

    Ben is doing good things with his brewery and other adventures!

  2. Nuggethead says:

    Can’t wait to drink myself into a stupor with it and fight my mates