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Mystery Ranch – Terraframe 80

For years, the Terraplane (seen above) was Dana Designs’ and then Mystery Ranch’s flagship pack due to its comfort, capacity and construction.

Now MR has incorporated their OVERLOAD feature, creating the Terraframe 80. OVERLOAD offers expandability via a load sling between the pack and the frame, keeping the weight near the back.

The frame incorporates rigid, carbon fiber stays which combined with a suspension which allows torsional flex will provide ample support for loads up to 150 lbs. The Terraframe includes the patented Futura Yoke which easily macro adjusts to proper torso length and Redirect waist belt system which is adjusted via a forward pull of the straps.

-Top-loading bag has two zippers along the face for center-of-pack access to gear
-Side compression straps
-Two vertical torpedo pockets for external access
-Zippered lid compartments
-Removable lid converts into blitz backpack with harnessing (seen below)
-Speedzip compartment for easy access to sleeping bag
-Water bottle pockets keep hydration handy
-3 L (100 oz) hydration reservior pocket against frame with ports to drinking tube above shoulders
-Frame construction uses tubular webbing and horizontal cross carbon fiber stays that allow for ideal flex
-Hybrid internal / external frame (designed like an internal frame system but on the outside of the pack)

The Terraframe 80 weighs 6.1 pbs dry and has a capacity of 4870 cu-in. Manufactured from 330D Lite Plus Cordura fabric with YKK zippers, the Terraframe Design is also available in a 3-Zip variant.


12 Responses to “Mystery Ranch – Terraframe 80”

  1. Klaus says:

    Mystery Ranch delivers the best packs on the planet.

  2. Zach says:

    They really do make beautiful, innovative, amazing packs. I will have 49 packs in my collection at the end of the week. Only 2 are mystery ranch. How many others out there have a crazy lust for packs as I do? I have to start doing the Russian nesting doll thing with the ones that are not crammed with sleep gear, etc.

    • Joe says:

      Check out The Perfect Pack on Facebook, you’ll be in good company

    • Rob says:

      I do, Zach. Kifaru, and more recently, Mystery Ranch. +1 for The Perfect Pack if you’re not already on there…

      • Zach says:

        Thank you guys. I tried to sign up, but I am guessing I will not be allowed to join due a mild dust-up with this site. Are there other good pack sites where you can get on and talk/look without signing up?

      • Zach says:

        Cool site guys, thank you so much. I posted photos of my hand painted packs if you care to look. I think most pack lovers would appreciate the work.

        • Rob says:

          I saw those today/yesterday, wanted to harass you for using your girlfriend’s account, but, held off after seeing your paint work. I’ve lost count of my packs and firearms (except in a spreadsheet in the cloud just in case)

          • Zach says:

            Thank you for looking at my stuff and liking it. There were 2 Robs and I assume you were one. It is my wife’s account. She is the cute one on the right. She is 40 in that photo if you can believe it. Taken a few months ago. She can do 10 pull ups too.

  3. Ed Hannam says:

    Innovative design yes, sadly wasted with materials. No pack made of nylon comes close to perfect, major failure point for serious use. Cilogear industrial.

    • Rob says:

      If you’re not on that Perfect Pack group on Facebook, you should be. My head nearly exploded looking at the cilogear materials list. Same tingly feeling as when I looked at McHale packs for the first time…

      But I agree with the MR sentiment about design. Just got a MR Pop Up 18…

    • Lasse says:

      Tell me more about how Cordura classic fabrics aren’t time proven and that they are source of failure? There are other good options out there, but Cordura laminated to xpac still has all the pros and cons of Cordura so I’m missing your point if you have one..

      • cat_blaster says:

        Yeah this me confused as well.
        The xpac laminate with polyester (dacron) fibers has poor puncture and tear strength due to its laminate baordyness, until you get to one of those 1000d polyester fibers. Its more waterproof but durability is a question as well as 3-5 times the cost of a single layer.
        The magic of cordura is its elastic nature and fuzz of the air textured fiber and its tenacity in its spun shape.
        The uhmw wovens and non wovens cilogear uses are as different story but more than 10 times the cost of 1000d cordura with a PU back coating and half the weight in some instances.