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Help the NC Army National Guard’s 1-130th Attack Recon Bn Get New T-Shirts by Buying One for Yourself

Military support artist Travis Getz of Squadron Store was tapped to create the emblems for both Task Force Panther – currently fighting in Afghanistan – and the NC Army National Guard’s 1-130th Attack Recon Battalion, an AH-64 unit that is part of TF Panther.  The Panthers requested shirts but are having trouble meeting a minimum order quantity for their black PT shirt, which is printed on a high quality blended material shirt with moisture wicking properties.  You can help the unit get their morale-boosting shirts by ordering one for yourself.  Sizes go from Youth XS to Adult 5XL and start at $13 (plus tax/shipping).  Orders must be placed by midnight tomorrow (Friday, November 30, 2018).

I spoke with Travis about this endeavor and he had this to add.

Task Force Panther’s CO (currently in Afghanistan) asked me to do their TF emblem.  That went well and I produced it on shirts, coins, stickers, etc.  They ordered in  bulk, it was great.

The Panthers, our local NC AH-64 Apache unit, asked me to work up branding for their unit.  The design was approved by the CO, they put my Panther head design on their engine cowlings, ordered stickers in bulk, it’s awesome!!!

They wanted shirts.  The same type/quality I’d produced for Task Force Panther.  But they asked if I could take the orders individually instead of them having to collect money/arrange a bulk order on their side.   The Task Force is embroiled in the recent flair up in attacks in Afghanistan and so after talking to the family, I decided the best thing to do was to offer the shirts for direct order through my Etsy site.  This is a shift for me because usually I only do bulk orders to units, but it didn’t seem right to have someone ‘off mission’ in order to wrangle the complexities of a shirt order.

One of the shirts, a black PT shirt, only has 22 orders, which is far below minimum order quantity.

Do you think you could consider getting the word out to your readers that – if they want – they can purchase a cool shirt for themselves and help make the Panthers Soldiers and their families/friends getting their shirts a reality?

IMPORTANT:  ordering closes Midnight this Friday (tomorrow) November, 30, 2018!


11 Responses to “Help the NC Army National Guard’s 1-130th Attack Recon Bn Get New T-Shirts by Buying One for Yourself”

  1. G3SM says:

    Nice. The first video I made in country was for TF Panther back in 2003 when I met one of their pilots who was also a photographer (which actually marked the beginning of my military filming side-career) and we went out to film some training runs. Someone has posted a copy of that video on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPJ0R2MSd7c

    • Getz says:

      Thanks for sharing this G3SM. Very inspirational

      I’d actually been shown the same video about 4 years ago by one of the pilots. Clearly they appreciated your work!

  2. Max Rivkin says:

    Good cause. Great design. Ordered.

  3. Hubb says:

    Cool design. Attack Recon Battalion…that just sounds badass! I’m in…

  4. Marcus says:

    In and ordered. Great cause. Meet that goal gentlemen

  5. Getz says:

    Thank you Soldier Systems Family for the great support!

    Difficult to relay how much it means, but I actually got a little something in my eye when I saw the post and read the comments.

    I let the CO and Master Gunner know today about your support via email. I know it’ll mean a lot to them.

    Keep being awesome!

  6. Getz says:

    Just checked sales – GOAL MET! You folks made it happen! So awesome, thanks again.

    I’ll keep the order open thru tomorrow, but the ‘pressure is off’ thanks to the Soldier Systems Family. The Panthers will get their shirts. :)

  7. Ray Forest says:

    These guys fly over my house about every day training. Great cause to support.

  8. Getz says:

    Hi there, the shirts are in and will finish shipping out early next week. Merry Christmas everybody and thanks for the support!