CGS Group PANDORA Firing Device Issued National Stock Number

The PANDORA Dual Firing Device From CGS Group can Now be requisitioned via NSN 1377-01-671-3824.

Designed as a replacement for the Mk 54 Mod 1, PANDORA is striker fired and offers an immediate restrike capability in case your charge doesn’t detonate on the first try. Just release the trigger and try again as many times as necessary. The enclosed design keeps the works protected from debris and the firing channels are separated with each striker having its own sear for true independant striker movement.

Mounting plates are available which will attach the PANDORA to a pole arm for breaching windows or similar stand oV use, for mounting to a MIL-STD-1913 rail, for attaching two PANDORA devices back to back, or for a plate with Velcro or similar for attaching to a plate carrier. PANDORA will fit in an M16 magazine pouch for carriage and the Pic Rail plate can be carried on a carbine’s rail or on your kit via an ITW Pic Rail to PALS Adapter. A rear plate is also available which features a non-electric shock tube cutter.


One Response to “CGS Group PANDORA Firing Device Issued National Stock Number”

  1. Darkhorse says:

    Wish I’d have had this back in the day. Great work and will no doubt be an effective tool for explosive breachers!