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Strike Industries – Cobra Billet Aluminum Trigger Guard

Featuring a trigger finger shelf, the Strike Industries Cobra Billet Aluminum Trigger Guard is machined from billet aluminum. Anodizing is available on several colors.


9 Responses to “Strike Industries – Cobra Billet Aluminum Trigger Guard”

  1. Jeremy P says:

    …but why?

  2. Stefan S. says:

    Because after every mission my trigger finger was so tired lol.

  3. jbgleason says:

    I could be wrong here but…

    It looks to me like it is designed to keep your finger UNDER the shelf. Which would then require you to consciously pull it out from underneath to get to the trigger. I can tell you I have trained some folks who would benefit from that as their fingers seemed magically drawn to the bang switch every time I looked away. If that is what this is for, then I think it is a hell of a good idea for certain applications.

  4. Jack Griffin says:

    Waiting for Globo Gym Purple colorway.

  5. thomas moore says:

    seems like a band aid for a lack of proper training and good trigger finger discipline.

    • SSD says:

      You just described a safety.

      • Jack says:

        No, he didn’t.

        A charged AR pattern rifle, off safe, isn’t much different than a cocked revolver. Regardless of how much “proper training and good trigger finger discipline” I have (or claim to have), are you going to feel safe running a shoot house with me with that cocked revolver in my hand, after I smugly tell you it’s safe because I have good trigger finger discipline?

        The whole “This is my safety,” *holds up trigger finger* school of thought needs to die a quick death.

        You’re smarter than this.

  6. SGT Heintz says:

    No way man! That thing is crap, it will totally be crushed by the heretofore unreleased G.I. Joe model soon to be declassified. Now you know, and….

  7. the hun says:

    Doesnt look like a cobra…
    more like s.o.relaxed with his hands behind his head crossed?!
    But “lazy guy with learning-challenged triggerfinger”
    sounds awful…
    Next step the trigger-cage or the smart triggerfinger-cage called …
    AI-lcatraz 😉