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Trooper Clothing

Trooper Clothing makes uniforms for kids.

Their latest offering is the Overwatch Battle Shirt and Combat Pant made from Woodland Camouflage ripstop fabric.

They also offer other colors like OD, Black and MultiCam as well as other styles including Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniforms, Navy Working Uniforms, Coast Guard Operational Dress Uniforms, and the Army Combat Uniform as well as flight suits.


4 Responses to “Trooper Clothing”

  1. Geoff says:

    Why am I finding out about this on a Christmas Eve?

  2. jon says:

    Geoff- I was thinking the same thing! also I have toddler girls who’d love these!!

  3. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    $100 for a child’s outfit!?! Things musta improved on pay since I retired

  4. cimg says:

    many years ago my little guy wore one of those little flight suits, now he’s wearing real A2CUs!