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Badger Ordnance – Tan Sniper Lightweight Integrator Combat Kit

The Sniper Lightweight Integrator Combat Kit (SLICK) From Badger Ordnance is now available in Tan.

It offers provides 8 positions to mount NVs, Lasers/Illuminators or red dots to the M151 Spotting Scope (Leupold Mk 4).

The SLICK also has a permanently attached top rail for coaxial laser range finders, such as the WILCOX RAPTAR, or any other MIL STD 1913 mounted LRF.

The Black version has been assigned NSN 1006-01-672-7773.

The Tan SLICK is currently available through Triad Tactical.

5 Responses to “Badger Ordnance – Tan Sniper Lightweight Integrator Combat Kit”

  1. rob chan says:

    Whats the scope cover there?

    Anti reflection device?

    • MTW says:

      I believe it serves as both an “anti observation device” i.e. it breaks up the circular glass image, as well as a hard protective cover for the front glass.

      • SVGC says:

        MTW that is correct. Think of it like the “cat eye” that snipers make with duct tape. It functions similarly while having the added benefit of being a protective cap for the objective. And if you don’t need that feature just flip it to the side. The shape of the pass through and non linear cuts were designed to minimize shine, outline and contrast to background while still allowing an optimal amount of light transmission.

  2. some other joe says:

    How do you collimate the various extras to the main sight?

    • SVGC says:

      If the attachment you’re mounting has external adjustments you zero much in the same way you do a PEQ15 or any other laser. For example, if you have a Wilcox RAPTAR you’d zero it the same way Wilcox recommends for a rifle. For something like a red dot style sight for rapid target acquisition I recommend picking a target in the distance, say 800m, and co-aligning your red dot to the center crosshair of the spotter.