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Shadow Systems Releases Multi-Role MR918 9mm Pistol

Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Plano, TX (January, 2019) – Shadow Systems, a US-based manufacturer of custom Glock pistols and Glock compatible parts and accessories, is proud to announce the release of their first proprietary pistol design, the MR918.

The MR918 name comes from the idea of creating a true “multi-role” pistol. The size and operating system are inspired by the Glock Gen4 G19 model, but many aspects have been completely redesigned. In particular, the frame features a new approach to interchangeable backstraps, called the NPOA system for “Natural Point of Aim.” Shadow ignored the conventional “small, medium, and large” approach and opted for backstraps that fundamentally change the bore orientation of the pistol. Included with the pistol is a high, neutral, and low backstrap; each backstrap’s name corresponds to how it orients the muzzle relative to the shooter’s hand.

Chad Jewett, Shadow National Sales Manager, notes: “Many people find Glocks point high for them. Others love it. We have a High backstrap for Glock lovers, a Neutral backstrap that matches our custom Glocks with a backstrap reduction, and a Low backstrap that brings the muzzle down even further like a 1911 with a flat mainspring housing. Each one makes the gun point totally differently so you can find what matches your natural point of aim.”

Shadow has incorporated many of the customer-favorite extras found on their current custom pistols including front and rear directional serrations, optic cuts, window cuts, stainless guide rods, and flat-faced triggers. Every pistol also includes a proprietary removable magazine well at no extra charge for those who want to improve their reload speed. Surprisingly, the pistols feature reasonable price points in the $799-999 range.

General Manager, Trevor Roe, explains: “From the beginning, our goal was to give the consumer a bet-your-life reliable, feature-packed pistol for under $1K. We’ve invested a ton to get here and have incorporated lean manufacturing practices to control cost. The result is the highest value, U.S. produced handgun in existence. It’s a no brainer when the next best thing might be $1,000 more.”

The MR918 is available in “Combat” and “Elite” versions, with or without optic cuts. All models feature a match grade, spiral-fluted barrel with either a premium bronze Titanium CarboNitride finish or black DLC finish. All slides feature a black DLC finish. All models also include three NPOA backstraps, a detachable magazine well, and a zippered range bag.

The guns below are pre-production hand-stippled versions. Hand stippling may be available as custom option in the future:


The frame has been in development for two years and is 100% a Shadow System design, not a rebrand of another frame already in the market. The frame makes use of new manufacturing techniques to wrap more texture around the curves of the frame and put grip texture in places not normally seen on production guns.

The MR918 will be released to the public at SHOT Show, on January 22nd, 2019. They will be immediately available for pre-order and the first MR918 pistols will ship in March 2019.

Back Straps

About Shadow Systems
Shadow Systems Corp. is a privately held, Plano, Texas-based manufacturer of premium firearms and firearm parts. Each product is designed and manufactured in the USA by a team of Veterans and former Law Enforcement Officers. Everything is engineered to be used and abused, as real hard-use tools should be.

Shadow Systems is a portfolio company of Catalyst Holdings. Visit www.shadowsystemscorp.com; engage on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ShadowSystemsCorp; follow on Instagram at instagram.com/shadowsystemscorp.

Remington to Launch Many New Ammunition Products at SHOT 2019

Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Lonoke, AR – Remington will launch many consumer-focused new ammunition products during the 2019 SHOT (Booth 14229) including everything from entirely new product lines to product reinstatements to bringing back nostalgic old brands like Peters along with many existing product line extensions in exciting popular cartridges and bullet styles as well as consumer-centric new pack configurations.


PETERS PREMIER BLUE HIGH VELOCITY STEEL: Reaching back to our roots, we are excited to be bringing back Peters Premier Blue High Velocity Steel waterfowl loads in four of the most popular waterfowl loads of all time. Featuring round steel shot and stitched wad for tight, uniform patterns, a sealed primer and crimp, Kleanbore Priming for hot, fast sure ignition, these 12ga 3” loads in BB, 2, 3, 4 shot sizes are sure to please today’s generation of waterfowlers as much as they did their forefathers.

PETERS PREMIER BLUE FIELD & TARGET: A throwback to a simpler time and place. Featuring retro packaging and high-quality components, Peters Premier Blue Field & Target ammunition is sure to please the most seasoned veterans as well as the new shooter just getting into the sport. These loads showcase the venerable Peters Blue hulls in four of the most popular field and target loads in 12ga 2-3/4” 1-1/8oz 1,145 and 1,200 fps 2-3/4 and 3 dram equivalent offerings in 7-1/2 and 8 shot sizes.

PETERS PREMIER BLUE HIGH VELOCITY RIFLE AMMUNITION: Peters Premier Blue High Velocity Rifle ammunition is an all new line with a storied history.  Keeping the venerable Peters brand alive and thriving, these centerfire rifle loads feature Blue-Tipped polymer tipped big game bullets designed for superior accuracy and reliable terminal performance and the tried and true Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point and Soft Point, or Semi Jacketed Hollow Point style bullets in the ever-popular lever action rifle cartridges.

SUBSONIC: The result of a collaboration between AAC and Remington to deliver quiet ammunition designed to maximize the effectiveness of the silencer. Offered in popular 9mm Luger, 45 Auto, 300 AAC Blackout and 22 LR.

GOLDEN SABER BONDED: The ultimate in handgun ammunition is now available to the public in our special bonded-bullet design, bringing unmatched expansion, weight-retention, and barrier-blind performance.


HTP COPPER: Featuring the Barnes XPB Pistol Bullets, this all-purpose handgun hunting line includes the most popular handgun hunting cartridges and is specifically designed for optimum performance at handgun velocities. 


HOG HAMMER: Featuring the Barnes XPB Pistol Bullets, this niche hog hunting handgun line includes the most popular handgun hunting cartridges and is specifically designed for optimum performance at handgun velocities. 


HTP EXTENSIONS: Combining premium primers, brass cases and propellants with a wide assortment of bullet designs, Remington HTP handgun ammunition gives you the confidence and stopping power you need when it matters most. New for 2019 we are proud to offer HTP handgun in economical 20 packs as well as new 357 Magnum and 38 Special loads.


PERFORMANCE WHEELGUN EXTENSIONS: Engineered to take your Revolver and Lever Rifle skills to the next level. Available in traditional Revolver and Lever Rifle bullet styles for competitive and target shooting applications. New for 2019 we are excited to extend our popular wadcutter line by adding 38 Special and 45 Colt loads.

GOLDEN BULLET EXTENSION: Remington’s most popular rimfire line is ow available in a new economical 225 pack.


REMINGTON HIGH PERFORMANCE RIFLE EXTENSION: Now available in the ever popular 6.5 Creedmoor 140 BTHP.  Remington HPR combined match grade accuracy with great terminal performance.

REMINGTON HTP COPPER EXTENSIONS: HTP Copper features the venerable Barnes TSX Rifle Bullets with a time proven reputation for delivering massive knock down power. This all-purpose hunting line features all the most popular hunting cartridges paired with bullets specifically designed for optimum terminal performance.  For 2019, we are proud to offer three new loads to the line in 22-250 Rem, 270 WSM, and 45-70 Gov’t to further enhance the line and provide hunters with an affordable all copper option.

REMINGTON CORE-LOKT EXTENSIONS: The venerable Core-Lokt ranks among the most versatile and reliable big-game ammunition ever created. The most trusted ammunition among generations of American big game hunters.  The most common thread, and end, to more hunting stories throughout the modern sporting era. For 79 years, the original controlled-expansion bullet has only grown stronger and we’re making sure that continues with these line extensions in all new 223 Rem 62gr, 6mm Creedmoor 100gr, 7mm Rem Ultra Mag 150gr and 300 Rem Ultra Mag 180gr cartridges for 2019.

REMINGTON UMC 300 AAC BLACKOUT 50 ROUND VALUE PACKS: 300 AAC Blackout performance meets value in our new UMC 50 round Value Pack for 2019. These UMC Open Tip Flat Base 120gr and 220gr target loads are intended for high volume shooting and training so we are making it convenient and easy to purchase and carry 50 rounds to the range. All UMC ammunition is made from first quality factory fresh materials.  UMC is not second quality product nor is UMC constructed using once fired brass.

REMINGTON PREMIER MATCH EXTENSIONS: Engineered for precision at extreme distances. Remington exacting manufacturing and quality standards result in low standard deviations and extreme variations. CONSISTENCY DELIVERED. Remington Premier Match 6mm Creedmoor 112gr OTM BT ammunition, with its best in class BC value and precision design, will have you “Sending it With Confidence” each time you compete.


COMPONENT BRASS EXTENSION: New cases for 2019 include 6.5 CM, 6mm CM and 300 BLK.


GOLDEN SABER BLACK BELT COMPONENT BULLETS: The revolutionary Mechani-Lokt belt firmly locks the jacket to the core for unfailing integrity in the most extreme personal defense scenarios. Remington is now offering this innovative bullet as a component in 9mm, 40/10mm and 45 calibers.

MAGNUM RIMFIRE RE-INSTATEMENT: A complete line of Premier Rimfire ammunition. Available in the popular AccuTip, standard JHP and Pointed Soft Point bullet styles.

REMINGTON PREMIER SCIROCCO: The Premier Scirocco line is one of the most versatile and reliable big-game ammunition offered today. The expansion-generating polymer tip and boat tail base combine to defy air resistance at the front end and reduce drag at the back. The progressively thickening, heavy-based, pure copper jacket is bonded to the lead core to preserve bullet integrity and retain over 75% of its weight at all velocities. Finally, the bullet’s precise concentricity and secant ogive nose profile produce accuracy you would be proud of in match competition. We are proudly bringing back the entire line consisting of eleven different loads from 243 Win thru 300 Rem Ultra Mag and nearly everything in between for 2019.


REMINGTON HYPERSONIC BONDED: Hypersonic® Bonded delivers more than just laser-flat trajectories and higher downrange energies. It zips through hide, meat and bone with unrivaled devastation thanks to today’s most advanced bonded bullet design, Core-Lokt® Ultra Bonded®. We are proudly bringing back the entire line consisting of eight different loads from 223 Rem thru 300 Win Mag for 2019.


REMINGTON HOG HAMMER RIFLE: Hog Hammer Rifle features the venerable Barnes TSX Rifle Bullets with a time proven reputation for delivering massive knock down power. This niche hog hunting line features all the most popular hunting cartridges paired with bullets specifically designed for optimum terminal performance on the biggest and toughest old boar hogs. For 2019, we are proud to reinstate this line and offer three new loads in 6.5 Creedmoor, 270 Win, and 45-70 Gov’t to further enhance the line and provide hunters with an amazing feral hog eradication product.

REMINGTON TURKEY LOAD 5 PACKS: Time proven in the field, Remington turkey loads continue to get the job done in the spring woods year after year and now we are making it even easier for the consumer to give our outstanding turkey loads a try by offering all of them in new five round packs while keeping the price per round low making the price per box extremely attractive.


Bianchi Introduces PREVADER Concealment Holster at SHOT Show

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Slim, low-profile design features Pinch retention in a multi-fit open-top holster


ONTARIO, California – Bianchi®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, announced today the release of the Model 4585 Prevader™ Concealment Holster. This ballistic weave model features the exclusive Pinch® Retention Device (PRD™) which secures the holstered firearm by gripping both sides of the trigger guard when the gun is fully seated.

“By incorporating Bianchi’s PRD retention, this model offers a super slim holster body and added security with an instinctive draw,” said James Dawson, category director. “The growing concealed carry market with the demand for quality yet cost-effective holsters with retention capabilities led us to expand upon our hugely popular ballistic weave Evader™ model. The new Prevader holster does just that.”

The Bianchi Prevader holster features a low profile making it highly concealable and comfortable for everyday carry. The internal Pinch Retention Device is formed of a durable high-tech polymer and allows the user to feel when the handgun is fully seated in the holster. The Prevader holster rides high and close to the body for comfort and the open top design has a reinforced opening, making one-handed reholstering easy and efficient.

The Prevader model features a durable trilaminate construction of a 1050-denier ballistic weave exterior, a closed-cell foam center and a nylon lining for a smooth draw. The closed-cell foam allows the holster shape to “set” in the holster providing a confident fit for a variety of pistols. Once the firearm is removed for a day, the holster resumes its natural shape, allowing for a good fit with a different handgun model. The holster attaches to a belt with dual snaps for easy on/off access and fits up to 1.75 in. (45mm) belt widths. The Prevader is offered in three sizes to fit a variety of Glock and S&W M&P models, as well as the Colt Commander, Ruger SR9/SR40 and the FN FNS 9mm, .40. It comes in black and has an MSRP of $38.00.

The Model 4585 Prevader Concealment Holster will be on display at The Safariland Group booth, #12762, throughout SHOT Show 2019 from January 22-25. For more information, please visit www.safariland.com/bianchi.

Rosco Manufacturing to exhibit Bloodline, Purebred, and new products at 2019 SHOT show

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

January 17th, 2019: Rosco Manufacturing; an American manufacturer of high-quality gun barrels is proud to announce is proud to announce that they will be showcasing their Bloodline barrels, Purebred barrels, and Dealer/ Distributor show specials at the 2019 SHOT Show (January 22nd-25th at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV). Rosco will also be unveiling their new line of Purebred upper receivers and rails at their booth (#3663).

Be sure to stop by and see what we have going on. Our popular Bloodline series and new Purebred barrels will be on display for folks to see and ask questions. New products include the new Bloodline 12.5” barrel, Purebred upper receiver, and an assortment of Purebred rails (in 9.5”, 13.5” and 15” versions).

Distributors and Dealers are also welcomed to pass by booth #3663 to take advantage of our SHOT show exclusive deals.

• Discounts: All first-time orders placed at the show will receive an extra 5% discount off the total purchase price and free shipping.

• Promotions: Orders containing 12 or more barrels will receive a FREE Dealer marketing package.

To see the Rosco barrels in action click here: Rosco videos For more information on Rosco Manufacturing and their products go to www.RoscoManufacturing.com

Emerging Tactical Solutions & KLEE Industries – Upgrade Your Night Vision

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Knowing how to leverage your night vision equipment in demanding tactical situations is just as important as keeping your equipment fully operational and taking advantage of the latest technological advances in image intensifier tube and lens technology. Emerging Tactical Solutions and KLEE Industries have combined forces to provide you with not only upgrades for your fleet of night vision devices but also maintenance and repair services are now available to you.

With the experience of both ETS and KLEE, you can now upgrade and repair almost any device you might have, be it a cracked PVS-15 housing or a completely dead PVS-14 in need for a new tube. On default, every device which you send into our facility gets cleaned, equipped with new o-rings and grease, tested to ensure the device is waterproof, and we give the device a fresh nitrogen purge, preventing internal condensation.

Contact us today at the link below and we will advise on image intensifier tube upgrades, lens upgrades, and repairs.


New precision rifle handguard for AR-15s and Ruger Precision Rifles from Catalyst Arms!

Saturday, January 19th, 2019


Catalyst Arms Introduces A True Precision Rifle Handguard For AR-15 and Ruger Precision Rifles

Beaverton, OR – Catalyst Arms, LLC, a firearms accessory company, has introduced Fast Track™, a true precision rifle handguard for AR-15s and the Ruger Precision Rifle.  Designed for precision rifle competitors and long-range shooters, Fast Track™ has the features they have asked for in a handguard such as an integrated Arca Swiss style rail, flat sides and bottom, a smooth top for greater scope clearance and M-LOK® slots for accessories.

Fast Track™ has an Arca Swiss style rail the full length of the bottom of the handguard.  This provides maximum versatility for mounting directly to tripods or attaching accessories that can be quickly moved forward or backward as the shooting situation requires.  Unlike add on rails that stop well before the magazine well, Fast Track’s full-length rail allows shooters to put the rifle action up against barricades or mount tripods as far back as possible for maximum stability.  The integrated rail is also a non-snag design that will not hang up on gear or while sliding the rifle back and forth or getting into position.  The flat sides and bottom make the Fast Track™ much more stable than round handguards when shooting from bags, barricades, packs or other surfaces.  A low-profile top provides maximum scope clearance for mounting optics as close to the bore as possible.  M-LOK® slots run the length of the handguard at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions for mounting other rails or accessories.  For ease of installation Fast Track™ attaches to both AR-15s and Ruger Precision Rifles via a dual barrel nut system that is easy to align and torque to proper specification.

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized black, the Fast Track™ is lightweight and has a slim profile that is easy to hold and maneuver.  The Catalyst Arms Fast Track™ is available for shipment February 1, 2019 with an MSRP of $219.95.  

For more information go to www.catalystarms.com

Unity Tactical Announces FAST Optics Mounts

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Unity Tactical is proud to announce FAST optics mounts as the latest addition to our growing product line. FAST optic mounts are designed to facilitate quicker and more intuitive target engagement and is comprised of several different mounts and accessories.

FAST Mounts will be available for all commonly used/issued optics in the military and law enforcement communities and like all Unity Tactical products, they are packed with smart features.  FAST mounts are machined from 7075-T6, available in Type 3 black or FDE anodizing and can be configured for multiple mounting options.

FAST Micro Mount

Compatible with most optics that feature the ubiquitous Aimpoint Micro footprint, the Patent Pending FAST Micro Mount elevates the capability of your optic.  It securely attaches to Milspec M1913 Picatinny rail via a no-snag dual cross-bolt clamp or optional American Defense Mfg patented QD Auto Lock Lever. Other mounting solutions such as captured ½“ hex nut are available to units on a volume basis. The optical centerline of the mount is a nominal 2.26” above the rail. The increased height of this optic mount works great with NVG’s, gas masks, and heads up shooting techniques while sitting only 1/3” of an inch higher than other popular 1.93” mounts. The mount features built-in, standard 1.42” height, windage-adjustable back up rear iron sight as well as an optional elevation adjustable front sight. The front sight is removable so shooters can utilize the built-in rear sight with a standard front sight for a more traditional sight radius. The FAST Micro Mount eliminates the need for separate rear BUIS, saving weight and space. Weighing in at 3.0 oz, the FAST Micro Mount competes with the lightest optic mount / rear BUIS combos on the market. These are currently in production and will be available late Q1 2019.

MSRP $169



FAST FTC Magnifier Mount

The first ever FTC (Flip-To-Center) magnifier mount is here. Compatible with Aimpoint 3X and some other 30mm tube magnifiers, our Patent Pending FTC Mag Mount swings the optic inboard and down, stowing it almost completely within the receiver’s footprint while not obstructing the sight picture of the red dot optic. This reduces the snag hazard and protects the magnifier. The FAST FTC Mag Mount operates via force-to-overcome, so deployment and stowage is… fast.  It weighs 4.5 oz and is compatible with all FAST red-dot mounts. These are currently in production and will be available late Q1 2019.

MSRP $198



FAST Riser Mount

The FAST Riser is a universal solution for EOTech EXPS, Vortex UH-1, Leupold LCO, and other similarly-sized optics.  The FAST Riser places the optical centerline at a nominal 2.26” and is fully compatible with the FAST FTC Mag Mount. It attaches to weapons via dual cross bolt clamp and can be augmented with an optional offset flip-up iron sight. FAST Risers are currently in production and will be available late Q1 2019.

MSRP $88

FAST Offset Options

The FAST Offset options will initially include a Rear Iron Sight, Trijicon RMR mount, and Aimpoint Micro footprint mount and will be compatible with the Riser, Scope Mount, and ACOG mounts. Our optional offset rear sight is compatible with most offset front sights. Offset mounts are slated for release late 2019. MSRP TBD

FAST Scope Mount

FAST Scope Mounts are slated to be available late 2019.  The testing model shown is a 1.93” height, but may become available in other heights. Designed to achieve a balance of weight and strength, these mounts feature the same offset integration as the riser. MSRP TBD


FAST ACOG Mounts will be available late 2019.  The test model shown is standard height, but may become available in other heights. These mounts feature the same offset integration as the riser.


Please stop by booth 6502 at SHOT SHOW 2019 to test FAST and see our other new products.

Interested dealers should contact us at info@unitytactical.com to get pricing and place pre-orders.

If you are retail customer and interested in these mounts, please visit our website at www.unitytactical.com to sign up for in stock notifications and follow us on social media for more information and release dates.

“All of us here at Unity are extremely excited about this product release as it moves us closer to better accessory integration, especially with FUSION and some other to be announced products. We have a lot planned for 2019.” – Trent Zimmer, President


Persistent Systems and Partners launch Wave Relay Ecosystem

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Wave Relay® Ecosystem is first industry alliance to deliver a networked battlefield to the warfighter

NEW YORK, N.Y.—January 15, 2019—Persistent Systems, LLC (“Persistent”) announced today the launch of the Wave Relay® Ecosystem, an alliance of unmanned systems and sensor companies working together to deliver a true networked battlefield to warfighters.

Ecosystem partners, such as Insitu (a Boeing Company), QinetiQ North America, Endeavor Robotics, MartinUAV, and many more, are building products that seamlessly operate on the Wave Relay® mobile ad hoc network (MANET), allowing warfighters to carry less equipment and do more through connected devices on a single, unified network.

In the past, unmanned systems were stove-piped with unique datalinks, modems, and controllers, which soldiers had to carry and operate. This created unnecessary burden and complexity and limited the information flow from the unmanned system solely to the system operator. By integrating all of these systems onto a common network, the information produced by the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) can be consumed by anyone on the team. This is essentially the definition of a “capability multiplier.”

“The needs of the warfighter are at the center of the Wave Relay® Ecosystem, and furthermore the networked battlefield,” said Nick Naioti, Vice President of Business Development for Persistent. “Our product portfolio heavily focuses on reducing SWaP and lowering the burden on the warfighter, so they can focus on the mission at hand. The Ecosystem furthers that effort by reducing information overload, enabling the systems and sensors to talk to each other on a common network. This creates a foundation to support machine-to-machine communication where data can be fused into actionable intelligence.”

Industry leaders have come together to meet the long-standing need to have people, unmanned systems, and sensors operating on a common battlefield network. All products available in the Ecosystem operate on the Wave Relay® MANET, the only network that has been demonstrated to scale beyond 320 nodes. The Wave Relay® Ecosystem website provides information on which products are supported, making it extremely easy for users to find products they know will seamlessly operate on their existing Wave Relay® MANET.

The Wave Relay® Ecosystem has six formally announced partners as of today. Partners receive unprecedented support from Persistent to ensure proper integration as well as programmatic support in pursuit of government programs of record.

“The Wave Relay® Ecosystem is a massive initiative at Persistent, supported by internal funding and organizational structure. People come to work every day to ensure that our Ecosystem partners are successful. We are working diligently with the leading manufacturers of unmanned systems and sensors to create the future,” said Dr. Herbert Rubens, CEO of Persistent Systems.    

The Ecosystem facilitates the needs of the future-friendly networked battlefield where everyone and everything operates on the same network. Teams have access to every platform’s capabilities through the integrated Android™ computer available on every Wave Relay®-enabled device, providing users with the option to drive any UGV, fly any UAV, steer any camera, and operate any sensor from a single device.

The Wave Relay® Ecosystem website houses all partner’s available Wave Relay®-enabled products, highlighting key features such as externally accessible RF modules and Wave Relay® as standard equipment. Users can see all partner products that will seamlessly integrate into their existing Wave Relay® MANET.

For information on available Wave Relay®-enabled UGVs, UAVs, sensors or joining the Wave Relay® Ecosystem, please visit: www.persistentsystems.com/ecosystem