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Bad Company Tactical: R2S Optics Mount and Accessory Mount

Bad Company Tactical gave us a preview of their Rapid Retention System Optical and Accessory Mount. It’s a quick-change optics and accessory mount.


The R2S Optics Mount allows the end user to rapidly change the optics on the move with out having to remove the base from the weapon. The push of a single button allows end users to move from one optical platform to another in seconds and with out having to remove the entire optic and mount; this equates to not having to paint mark or guess exactly where the optic was mounted before for a proper eye relief or return to zero.  The R2S Optics Mount also allows for the end user to have more than one optic for more than one application, not the shooter can go from a dedicated magnified optic to a parallax free red dot with the push of a button. This system also allows for the use of quick detach magnifiers, lasers, lights, and other accessories like night vision.

Another good use will be the ability to have dedicated optics for different barrel lengths or even calibers.  With more adaptable weapon platforms the new R2S Optics Mount allows the end user to quickly switch not only your barrel or caliber out but to ensure that your pre-zeroed optic will return to zero once you lock it into place.  This will give end users a new level of adaptability for both optics and accessories.  There is even going to be an MPA RAT adaptable base plate for accessories supporting precision shooting supporting tripods, barricade braces, and bipods. Now the shooter will be able to simple “clip” into supporting systems for precision shooters quickly and with out failure.


This system will usher in a new adaptable platform that not only supports optics but the use of multiple platforms allowing for rapid customization without sacrificing repeatability and reliability.  The Bad Company Tactical R2S Optics Mount ensures adaptability for the most popular optics and supporting accessories.  The R2S Optics Mount will be debuted at Shot Show 2019 along with a new improved and more modular Rapid Retention System as well.

5 Responses to “Bad Company Tactical: R2S Optics Mount and Accessory Mount”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    The picture looks like they bolted a Pic Rail on top of a Pic Rail? I’m sure that’s over simplified. I’m assuming that their tolerances are much better than the 1913 on the upper receiver or they would have used the same interface flipped over to just go straight to the 1913 rail?

  2. Ray Forest says:

    And I missed the one where they mounted a Pic rail to a Pic rail so they could mount it to a Pic rail.

  3. Sir,
    The bottom rail is showing how the base plate attaches to the firearm. The reason we created two different size Picatinny rails is due to the wide variety of different red dot sights (RDS), the cost associated with making a mount for the massive variety of sights would not be cost effective so we are offering Picatinny rails which also allow the user to raise the optic higher for shooter comfort. Another reason for this allows for the mounting of day/night laser devices at the front of the weapon platform. Our patented design allows for a return to zero while offering the ability to quickly change out the type of optic used while assuring that the position does not become altered after zeroing.